Sunday, December 13, 2015

Austin Settlement Home for Children's Annual Citywide Garage Sale 2015

The Austin Settlement Home for Children's annual charity garage sale takes place every autumn at the end of October or early November. This year it fell during the weekend of November 5th through the 8th.  Because it's one of my favorite events, I took a day off of work to attend. 

I headed down to the city and hit the never-ending line of cars all awaiting their turn to find a close-by parking spot in the Palmer Event Center's parking garage.  Not willing to wait, I headed up a side street to find parking within walking distance.

After unloading my flea market cart, I headed down the hill to the event center. After a short wait the doors opened and welcomed bargain hunters, junkers, and antique enthusiasts.

The pavilion was stocked full of furniture, home decor, sporting goods, clothing, and antiques.  Truly here there is something for everyone!

As is my habit, I started my hunt in the sporting goods. I usually don't have anything specific in mind, rather I just browse and wait for something to tickle my fancy.  I spied this small vintage metal thermos in a gorgeous orange and brown.  As a collector of vintage Thermoses, this was a "must purchase!" Weighing in at a mere $3.00 I considered it a steal!

Another of my favorite sections is office supplies. Here I dig through the various desk drawer organizer tray displays for vintage tools.

I managed to find this great multi-size pencil sharpener in its original box

I also picked up a couple of stampers paying only $1.00 for the pair. Though not vintage, I knew I could actually use these at work. 

Next I headed over to the gardening area.  I was thrilled to find this wrought iron umbrella stand.  I was thrilled with its weathered turquoise finish and its $10 price tag!

I also picked up this adorable pair of old garden clippers for $1! 

The housewares section was next and here I found one of my crafting staples - wooden pants hangers.  I look for ones that have shop or hotel stamps on them.  I use these handy tools for many of my crafting projects and displays.

I ventured into the tools department and picked up this old shop lamp cage for $1.
I loved the look of the wire cage and envisioned using it as an accent lamp somewhere in my home.

I took a quick gander through the men's clothing section looking for flannel shirts and wool blazers I could use in sewing projects but came up empty handed.

Though there were many beautiful pieces in both the vintage linens and serving ware area, I opted to pass them up.

Likewise the huge selection of silver service.

I did, however, pick up a couple silver-plated spoons and lobster forks to use for craft projects.

A quick glance over in the toy department revealed this fun little gumball machine...

and large box of marbles. I new I'd have to take these home.

With my little flea market cart full to the brim I began to head on back home.

The walk up the hill proving to be a bit more of a challenge than my earlier trip down.
All in all the trip was a success yielding more than a few treasures, some of which were put to use as intended:

The fabulous patio umbrella stand is currently being used on the back patio; 
the office supplies back to work on my office desk.

Some of the finds have taken on a slightly less conventional purposes:

The vintage shop lamp now serves as a funky-chic reading lamp in the guest room.

The gumball machine is now filled with marbles and serves as a colorful, quirky accent atop the kitchen cabinets.

The silver-plated lobster forks serve as name card holders

and the spoons have been transformed into unique, quote necklaces.

Whether used traditionally or unconventionally these garage sale cast offs have escaped the land fill and have been found to be useful once again.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. Paulette,
    We're so glad you found so many fabulous treasures at The Sale! We are about to share a Time Lapse video of the ENTIRE sale from when Palmer was empty at the beginning to empty at the end! You might enjoy watching it. You can find it on our Facebook page at Thanks for sharing on your blog the fun you had- we appreciate the shopping you did to support The Home.
    We can't wait to see you next year!
    Danielle and the Settlement Home team

  2. I love going to junk yard sales especially ones that are on this big a scale. It's so interesting to see what kind of things people end up keeping in storage until they realise that they need to get rid of it. It's really quite an adventure to look through the items!


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