Friday, July 10, 2015

Super Simple Door Monogram


During the holidays my front door dons a festive wreath, or hanging, celebrating the season.
Hoping to find a neutral alternative, I turned to my local craft store for inspiration.
Aisle upon aisle seemed to have letters made from various materials - metal, foam, burlap, wood.
Thinking a door monogram might just be a viable solution, but not wanting to spend too much,  I decided to purchase a fairly inexpensive, 3-D, cardboard letter.

To give it some impact, I opted to cover the letter with scrapbook paper and decoupage.

I selected a pretty, colorful scrapbook paper.


 Then began to cover the top of the cardboard letter with decoupage medium.

The scrapbook paper was laid right on top of the letter making certain that the seams met neatly in the center and that the entire letter was covered.

Next, I trimmed off all the excess paper, and then applied a couple coats of decoupage medium over the top.

I then cut a coordinating scrapbook paper to the width of the thickness of the letter.  I glued it all along the inner and outer sides of the letter.  A couple layers of decoupage medium over each side and plenty of time to dry finished off this simple project.

Hung from a single hook and a loop of twine...


the monogram adds personality to the front door appropriate for any season.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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