Friday, July 10, 2015

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

My neighbor, John, gifted me an old mirror he found that had been stored in his family barn for quite some time.  He said, "Here.  See what you can do with it."

It was exactly as he old mirror.  With its gaudy gold frame and silver reflective flaking off along the edges, the mirror was in tough shape.  But the glass was hefty and in relatively good shape.  The frame was made of wood with a floral relief design made of plastic, clay, or some amalgamation of the two. Bits of it had begun to crack and fall off.

Still I saw potential.

Rather than re-silver the mirror, I envisioned an inspiring quote appearing in the the flaking silver mirroring.

"I am the reflection of my own creativity." ~ Leilani Fonoti Franklin seemed appropriate.

After a good cleaning, I took the mirror apart.  Not a difficult task as there were only four small pieces of wood, one at each corner, holding the glass in place.

A second cleaning and then the fun began...

I got out my stencils and began to plan the layout for the quote.
You may have noticed I forgot to plan the quote out in reverse - necessary to have it readable from the other side! 
Thankfully I noticed after doing one letter!

I laid out the letter stencil, held it down tightly and then, with a flat edge craft blade, scraped off the silver.

Taking my time and frequently brushing away the flakes of silver, the project was really quite simple.

With the quote completed, I brushed away silver flakes and then wiped the back of the glass a couple times with glass cleaner and a soft rag.

Because this mirror had no additional backing, I knew that my wall color would show through the mirror when hung.  I wanted something a little more colorful and romantic.
I selected from an assorted pad of scrapbook paper this pretty floral print.

I cut the paper into strips just wide enough to go behind the words in my selected quote.

I taped a couple of edges of the paper to the mirror with some masking tape - just enough to hold the paper in place.

The mirror part of the redo was complete!

I now turned my attention to the frame.

I definitely wanted to paint over the existing gold paint, so I purchased a small bottle of Americana Decor chalk paint in a soft turquoise color, "Vintage," at the local big box home improvement store.

I began to paint!
Looking so much better already, don't you think!

I applied a couple coats of paint waiting not-so-patiently between coats to allow the paint to dry completely.

I then applied the wax sealer.  I chose to use the dark wax as it gives a really pretty antique finish.

I simply brushed the wax on liberally...

then wiped it off.

Perhaps my favorite tool in this wax on-wax off process was an old toothbrush.  It was very instrumental in getting at the wax that had settled into some of the deep crevices.  

While allowing the frame to dry, I looked through my hardware drawers for some glazier points.
I've used these in the past and knew they would be needed for added reinforcement in attaching the mirror to the frame.  I carefully tapped in at least three glazier points per frame side.  

I slid the cardboard back and a few sheets of paper from a spiral notebook under the glazier points as a safety precaution, as I carefully tapped them in place with a chisel and a rubber mallet. 

I reconnected the small wooden corner stays and the picture hanging wire.

It hangs in the powder room of our master bathroom.
I see it every morning when I wake and every evening before bed.
It serves as a constant reminder of my need to allow my creativity to take flight and my soul to soar!

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. What a beautiful project! You picked a wonderful quote and color. I just recently started following your blog, but am already certain that I'm going to enjoy it. I'm more of a "finder" than a "doer" but I love seeing what can be done with old things.

  2. Thanks for stpping by and for sharing your kind words. May you find many interesting treasures!

  3. As I was browsing the Internet looking for any creative creation that I could share on my page I stumbled upon your page and saw this mirror with this quote. I thought to myself could someone else have thought of the same quote but as I began to read it I stumbled upon the name of the person who the quote belonged to and much to my surprise it was me. I was shocked at first. After taking it all in I am glad to say that I am happy that my words can inspire people and I hope that they continue to inspire others for many years to come. What a beautiful thing you have created. I am very humbled.

    1. How wonderful! Your words are just perfect for this project; I'm glad you approve. I'd love to see your creations and blog. I find great comfort in knowing there are other junker/crafters out in the world! My crazy seems a bit more normal.


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