Sunday, June 14, 2015

Vintage Spoon Key Rack

Old cupboard door + vintage spoons = "Key to My Heart" key rack

A co-worker gave me a couple of oak cupboard doors that had been removed from her apartment complex when they updated their units. I knew immediately what I wanted to do with the small one. I've seen old spoon key hook racks and have always wanted to make one. I've been waiting for just the right board to come along, and so it has!

I got out my little palm sander and some assorted grade paper and headed out to the back porch.
A couple of passes with the sander was all it took to prep the little cupboard door.

Perhaps influenced by the gray raining sky, I selected from my paint box "Uniform Blue." 

I painted a quick coat on each side of the cupboard door.

While waiting for the paint to dry, I dug through my stash of vintage silver plated flatware for four spoons that coordinated well.

When I work on the spoons, I sandwich each between the leather pad and an old potholder so they don't get scratched up by the hammer.

Using a small sledge hammer, I pounded each spoon until flat.

Next, I selected the necessary letters from my steel letter stamps to spell out "key to my heart."
It typically takes about five pounds with the hammer to get a nicely stamped letter.
I always check at least twice to be sure I have each letter facing the right way, but inevitably I make a mistake, and usually its the letter E. Yep! sure enough I got the E backwards. I decided to just let it go.

Using a pair of pliers, I bent each spoon handle to form a hook.

Setting the spoons aside I headed back out to the porch to the now completely dry cupboard door. I distressed it a bit with my sander.

Then put on a couple of coats of furniture finish wax.

With the cupboard door completed, I was anxious to see what it was going to look like with the finished spoon hooks.

I laid them out on the board, and ...realized my keys weren't going to fit over the spoon bowls!
Thank goodness I hadn't attached them yet! Certainly this hook rack could have been used for another purpose, but since I really wanted it for my keys...

I selected four new spoons and repeated the hammering, lettering, and bending process.

Now that my spoon hooks were finished, I prepared my bonding agent.  I like to use a bonding product such as J-B Weld as it works well with a wide variety of materials.

After thoroughly mixing the bonding agent, I put a liberal amount on the back of each spoon and attached them to the cupboard door.


With a couple of D-rings connected to the back, my "key to my heart" key hook rack is ready to be hung.

All photos taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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