Saturday, March 21, 2015

Copper Topped Bar from Old Sewing Cabinet

One of my junker buddies, Jerry, offered me this darling little sewing cabinet sans sewing machine. As you can see she was pretty beat up with much of her veneer peeling off the top, but she was structurally sound and had great legs! I figured I could give her a bit of a make-over.  I wasn't sure what it would eventually become, or how I would use it, but I felt the little cabinet had potential.

To begin, I cleaned it well and then began to take it apart, carefully setting all the hardware safely aside.

Next, I sanded all the parts to remove the old varnish and then peeled the damaged veneer off the top, sanding again until smooth.

When selecting paint colors for pieces I work on, I step back, look at the piece, and just wait.
At the risk of sounding a bit crazy, the piece usually tells me what it wants.
In my mind's eye, I kept seeing orange.  Who am I to argue?
Orange it became.

As I worked with the cabinet, I began to brainstorm how I might be able to use it. I liked that the top could be lifted to reveal not only a work surface but a well-like opening. That make me think of a sink basin, which made me think of ice, which made me think of drinks, which made me think of a bar!  

The cabinet's front door opens to provide access to some small shelves on the back of the door, and a larger shelf along the cabinet's back.

This back shelf was just the right size to house a few bottles of our favorite liquors, and the door back shelves to store some glassware! I get such joy out of the serendipity of it all.

The coppery color of both the liquors and the hardware brought me to my decision to cover the cabinet top with pennies. I began to lay out the pennies to get a preview, and then cleaned each after committing to the idea.

After removing the cabinet top pieces from the cabinet, I laid the pennies out.  I then covered the tops with a doming resin. (Doming resin can be purchased at most craft stores.)

Because the top splays open, I had to carefully line up the pennies at the seam so the top could be lifted open and close with ease. A very tricky task indeed!

I am thrilled with the outcome -
A beat up, old sewing cabinet transformed into a copper-topped bar!
I'll drink to that!

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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