Sunday, March 29, 2015

Accent Table Done 2 Ways

During my most recent weekly visit to the charity shop down the street, I purchased this military-green wooden box.
I was itchin' for a project, and this clearly had potential. Visions of a funky side table popped into my head, so before leaving the shop, I searched for a potential table base. I came up empty handed.

I headed over to one of the other thrift stores in town and spied these three stackable, metal wine racks. They were sturdy, level, versatile, and best of all only $5 - for all three!

I toyed with the idea of turning the racks on their sides to provide an additional couple inches of table height, but decided it would be far more practical to use them as intended.
 Because what's better than a unique, re-purposed side table? A unique, re-purposed side table that holds bottles of wine is the answer!

As with all my junk finds, the box and wine racks received a thorough scrubbing. The wine racks were washed with clean, soapy water and bleach, followed by a good rinse. The storage box required a much more intense attack. Clearly it had spent it's previous years in the deep recesses of someone's garage. The dead cricket remains were easy enough to remove; the layers of dirt and grime not so much. 

After several soapy water washings, a couple days in the warm sun, and several passes with the electric sander I was satisfied with the box's cleanliness.

Influenced by the success I had with a larger military box table project, I decided to stencil a couple of letters and stripes onto the box.

I was happy enough with the outcome, but thought I could try another finish more suited for our home. After digging around in the paint cabinet, I found a can of chalkboard paint. I paused and gave it some thought. 

Chalkboard paint?...


I painted the whole box with a couple coats of the new found chalkboard paint, then distressed it a bit.

The final touch was the addition of a few chalk messages.

And now it is perfectly suited for our family room.

Clearly one of the most exciting aspects of creating re-purposed home accent pieces from junk finds is the ability to make a unique piece customized to your personal taste and need.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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