Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Obsession with Color: Dare to be Bold

This was my kitchen.  It was perfectly fine with its beige walls, oak cabinets, wood grain floors, and beige stone tile.  Perfectly fine, just not inspiring.

My husband is a fabulous cook and his specialty is Mexican food!  Muy rico!  When he's cooking, particularly on the weekends, I  assist with cutting vegetables, mixing drinks, or manning the iPod and speaker system that pumps Latin music throughout the house.  We dance, we cook, we enjoy the whole experience en la cocina como una fiesta Mexicana!

 There was no doubt that the new kitchen had to reflect our love of the Mexican culture and its fiery, bold colors and flavors!  I found inspiration in Mexican dishes, fabrics, and food.

I began searching for images of Mexican inspired kitchens online.  I found plenty of inspiration, and
somewhere in that search I stumbled upon a photo of a stunning fabric, Santa Maria floral by Waverly.  I had to have it!  
Thankfully I found a local fabric store that had it in stock.  I purchased 6 1/2  yards of fabric, plenty for the desired 84" long panels.  The bit of extra yardage ensured that the panels' patterns would line up properly.
The new drapes definitely set the tone for our dramatic redo.

I figured if we were going to do this, we may as well go "All In!" We opted for a bold wall paint color that would enhance the wood grain and color of both our cupboards and floors.  


We selected the turquoise color straight from the drapery fabric's pallet believing it would compliment the golden oak wood tones.

Then we saw this...the apron front of the bar separating the living room from the kitchen; it needed to be addressed.  It was still basically a big, beige wall, and was now much too subtle for our bold and colorful cocina! so...

I painted it a deep, rusty orange color!  

With our kitchen transformation complete we'll sure to be cooking up something muy deliciosa!


All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. Apparently I do too! I've now got three turquoise rooms in my house. I love the way it compliments wood tones - dark or light.


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