Sunday, January 18, 2015

Men's Jacket Gift Bags

After cutting up several wool jackets for use in a small lap quilt I made for my son.  I had a few choice pieces left over.

  I really enjoy making wine bottle sleeves out of the sleeves of men's dress shirts, so I saved one sleeve of each of the 3 jackets.  I thought I'd create gift bags for a few bottles of liquor I was planning to give as holiday gifts.

After turning the sleeve inside out, I sewed along the more flared side to make the bag more narrow and cut off the excess fabric

I then sewed along both the bottom and the newly trimmed edge.

After slipping the bottle in, I attached a gift tag around the neck of the bottle with a strap of leather cord.

The woolen sleeve gift bags were a huge success.  I'll drink to that!

All photographs were taken by Paulette Rodriguez

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