Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fence Picket Scrap Quote

We keep a small stash of cedar fence pickets and wood scraps in our side yard by the trash bins.  The full length pickets are stashed away in the event any of our existing pickets needs to be replaced.
The scraps are often bi-products of my craft projects.


From library signage to whimsical swing shelves, fence pickets are my go-to source for simple wood repurpose and craft projects.


With the addition of a few color-washed pickets, this darling little wooden step ladder now serves as a side table in the story area of my library.
Picture books are stacked on the colorful shelves with the read-aloud displayed on top.

Today I was really itching for a project.  I started rummaging around my craft closet looking for something I could work on.  Finding nothing of inspiration, I began to straighten and clean up.  I collected the trash from the craft closet and laundry room as well as that from the other rooms in the house, then proceeded to the dust bins.  After depositing the trash in the receptacles, I spied my picket stash.  There I saw among the stash of pickets three color-washed scraps.
I picked them up, cleaned them off, and let my mind wander.
I had read a quote on a friend's Pinterest board, and I decided I wanted to paint that quote on the boards.  The quote was five lines long.  

With the three existing scraps, I just needed two more.  Since the scraps were already painted in the colors I used for the library signage, I decided to cut and color-wash two additional boards.  

I laid the boards out and began painting the quote.  I did make some light pencil guidelines, but I really wanted the quote to be written out imperfectly.  I wanted it to appear as if it had just been jotted down.

After being allowed to dry completely, I gave the quote boards a quick once over with the handheld sander to weather the words.  I then sprayed all of the boards with a coat of acrylic sealer.

A couple of narrow pickets cut to size served as cross pieces to which my quote boards were attached.  These were sanded and sealed as well.

The quote boards were attached onto the backer boards using wood screws.

Here's the final product.
Perfectly imperfect and made from just a few left-over scraps.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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