Monday, November 10, 2014

Military Wooden Storage Box Transforms Into One-of-a-Kind Coffee Table

Recently I purchased this old, wooden, military storage box at a charity event for a mere $10.
Though a little worse for wear, the price was very reasonable, and I had just the re-purpose project in mind for which the trunk would be perfect! 

I've been working on some projects to help furnish my sons' apartment, and they assured me they didn't need anything. 
 "Mother, please, we don't want, I mean NEED, any more of your DIY projects!" they pleaded.  "Oh, wait!" they added.  "OK, maybe just a coffee table or something would be nice."

That was all the "encouragement" this overzealous mother needed!
I've had some success with adding legs to a few of my former junk finds -  suitcase footstool, shipping trunk coffee table, suitcase side table.  I felt confident this would work well with the military shipping box.  I first added some 1"x 6"s to the ends of the base of the box.  These would add stability to the structure and provide additional support for the table legs that would be added.

Next, I added brackets for the legs. I purchase longer screws to ensure that they would go through both the wood of the trunk and into the added 1" x 6"s.  I simply marked the location of the screw holes,

then secured them in place with screws, and finished up by attaching the legs.

With the added table legs, the box is just the right height for use as a coffee table.

After sanding both the exterior and interior of the box, I cleaned it thoroughly.  I didn't want to remove any of the stenciled words nor the blue colored stripes that gave the box its character, so I used a very low grit sandpaper. The light sanding revealed some of the rivet heads and the metal of the corners and edges.
I decided to embellish the box with a large, stenciled, USA on each side to give it just a bit more visual appeal.

With a quick once-over with the sander to weather the USA stencil a bit, the coffee table was done!

Anxious to hear what my sons thought, I sent a quick snapshot of the finished table through phone messaging.  They very quickly responded with, "Now that's cool!"

Doesn't get any better than that!

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez

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