Sunday, September 7, 2014

Reader's Digest Sign

My husband is a teacher.  He moved into a new classroom at a new school.  
Though very clean and spacious, it lacked a bit of personality.

As I've mentioned before, school budgets are very slim, and there just isn't any money for non-necessities.  But with a bit of creativity, basic craft items, and "stuff" you've got cluttering up your home, a classroom can go from drab to Fab!

Starting with some large wooden letters and a pad of scrapbook paper found at the local craft store, I set out to make signage that would stand out in a busy hallway and generate some curiosity about what awaited inside.

Using decoupage medium, I glued the craft paper directly to the wooden letters. 

 I trimmed off any excess, added a few layers of decoupage, and set them out in the sun to dry.

While the decoupage letters were drying, I grabbed a few Reader's Digest books from my stash.  Next I located a piece of fence picket.  I removed the book block from the book covers using my craft knife, then glued the open covers to the fence picket.  For more details on this process, visit the Book Cover Valances post in this blog.

I then punched some letters out using the school's Ellison dye-cut machine from old library catalog cards.  I simply glued them on the top of the open book covers, and the sign was finished.  

Paired together the attention-getting signs look great, but more importantly let students know where their classroom is.

I thought these simple signs packed an eye-catching punch, so I decided to make a set for the library.  They hang right above the library entrance.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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