Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vintage Screen Update

So last month I purchased some great vintage screens from my friend, Sarah.

I cleaned them and hung them as dividers between my kitchen and dining/living rooms.
Now usually my husband pretty much allows me to do whatever I want as far as decorating goes, but this time he simply said, "No!"

I've got to hand it to him.  He allowed me to keep them up for a couple of weeks to "give them a try."
But finally said, "These, I can't live with."
Gotta respect that!

So what to do?  

Well to start with, I took them down.  And then I began to experiment.  I tried painting the screen mesh.
First, to see if it was even possible.  Secondly, to try my options.  
I started by painting the screen mesh a solid color of gray.  It looked pretty good.  But when I tried to paint some words in the style of a vintage advertisement, things went awry.
Oh well, live and learn.

Since the screening was well worn, and now had an ugly paint application, I decided to rip the screen mesh out with the plan of replacing it with some chicken or rabbit wire.

I started by hammering on the screen to loosen the molding holding it in place.

Worked like a charm!

Using the claw of the hammer, I gently pulled the molding off,

keeping the molding intact, and being very careful of the exposed, rusty nails.  I set the molding aside, as I wanted to reattach it after replacing the screen mesh.

Once all the molding was removed,

I pulled the screen off being careful to watch out for popping staples!

Next, I removed any remaining nails and staples from the wood frame.

I was careful to pick up any staples and nails, depositing them safely in a watering can, then later discarding them.

Once all the molding and screen mesh had been removed, I sanded the wooden frame until relatively smooth.

I then measured the opening, so I could be sure the new screening or wire would fit.

I opted to go with chicken wire, though there were several types of wire from which to choose.

I rolled the chicken wire across the wood screen frame,

and stapled it in place.

Using a wire cutter, I removed the excess chicken wire.

Once the chicken wire was secured on all sides, 

I carefully reattached the moldings


by aligning the original nails and nail holes, and then hammering them back in place.

The vintage window screen has been refreshed and is now the perfect backdrop for a display, and... 
I think I've a perfect place in mind.

Serendipitously the screen fit perfectly in one of the interior windows in the school library.
It provides a unique place above the copy machine to hang inspirational photos and quotes.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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  1. You are unbelievable! I am so impressed. I probably didn't even hose off my screen before I brought it in the house! Way to rework them to something that works better for you - can't wait to see what it is! I still have two white screens left in case you need more! Great job.


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