Sunday, May 4, 2014

Do I Really Need That?

Hi, my name is Paulette, and I'm a junker.
It's been 2 days since my last charity shop visit.
I've been trying to stay away, since I don't need anything.  And by "I don't need anything," I mean 
I.  Really.  Don't.  Need.  Anything.
Yet somehow I find myself pulling into thrift stores like a helpless metal filing to a giant magnet!
I tell myself I'll "just look."  Then ten minutes later I'm walking out with a handful of old books, yet another set of vintage luncheon plates, an old metal box, and a wicker chair.

I try to rationalize my purchases, to somehow convince myself and some imaginary judge of frugal spending that the few dollars I've spent haven't been wasted.  

"Exhibit A" - the aforementioned stack of books.

Now in my own defense, I do NEED these!  I really do!

These old Readers' Digest Condensed Books are essential for making book monograms which make a fitting gift for so many occasions: baby shower, wedding shower, graduation, teacher appreciation just to name a few.

AND...until I need one for a book monogram gift, they look so sweet just stacked on the coffee table!

"Exhibit B" - Yet another set of luncheon plates.

OK.  I get it.  How many vintage luncheon plates does one girl need?
But many vintage luncheon plates DOES one girl need?  Sure if just a few of my friends stop by for lunch, four is enough.  BUT, let's just say, for the sake of argument, that my family of four sits down for lunch AND a few friends happen to stop over.  Well THEN what?!  

Boy I sure am glad I have this OTHER set of luncheon plates!  That's all I've got to say.

"Exhibit C" - The metal box.

I have a thing for vintage office tools.  I USE them in my office at work. 

 I didn't have a cash box.  Now I do.  Nothing further.

"Exhibit D" - The wicker chair.

Oh come on!  It's a wicker chair!
So it's got a few loose sticks on the legs.  It's still pretty.  It's still functional.  It's still comfortable!  Isn't that reason enough?  Here, I'll sit in it right now if that'll make you happy.

And so the inner dialogue goes.

But here's the deal:

Junking isn't a rational sport.  Junking is an ART!
It's about seeing potential and the creative process of finding new purpose for that which is deemed worthless.

Do I need that?  Perhaps I do.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. Yes, you are an artist and you should not have to justify the purchase of your tools for creativity.

  2. Paulette, we must be twins separated at birth. My obsession for thrift shopping and collecting vintage luncheon plates has some technical medical terminology for it, I'm sure. I wander in to the thrift stores every Saturday saying the same thing. "Just looking." Yea, right. Anyway, I believe Thrift shopping is an art, and a sport. It's a personal scavenger hunt that feeds the soul. At least it feeds mine. So, Shop on, sista! Shop on.


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