Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Reloved at Two

My Junk Obsession is celebrating its anniversary!
Started in February of 2012, as an outlet for my overzealous desire to share the amazing finds rescued from charity shops, flea markets, and junk piles, My Junk Obsession is now two years old with more than 100 posts!

I cannot imagine a more perfect way to celebrate this milestone than to be featured in the April issue of Reloved!
 Reloved is a monthly publication from Anthem Publishing dedicated to the art of upcycling.
Each month's issue is filled with project ideas, tips on navigating flea markets and trunk sales, and introductions to junkers and artists in the upcycling community.

A few months ago I was contacted through my blog and asked if I was interested in writing a piece for their monthly feature, "An Upcycled Life." 
My response was immediate!  YES!
Whenever I'm out shopping I stop at the newsstand and peruse the publications.  I love to scan the covers, flip through the colorful pages, and pour over the gorgeous photos.  I treat myself to at least one, and it's always one about flea market finds and upcycling.  When I return home the routine is always the same.  I unload the shopping bags, put the groceries away, and then steal off to my reading corner and disappear into the pages of the magazine reading it from cover to cover...TWICE! 
I don't want to miss a thing.

So you can imagine my delight when I received the April issue of Reloved last week. I ran my hand across the smooth cover, took a deep breath, and then jumped to the last page!...
and there I was...in print!  As per my usual routine, I snuggled into my comfy chair and...well you know the rest.

I've been sharing my copies of Reloved with my coworkers and friends, and they all respond in the same way - "Where can I get my own copy?"
Right now, as far as I know, it's not available here in the States...YET! but subscription information is available on their website and you can follow them on twitter and facebook. 

What a fabulous two years it's been! and I'm so glad you accompanied me on my journey.  I am humbled by your support and dedicated readership. 

 From my part of the world to yours, I wish you a good and peaceful day, and may you discover a little "somethin', somethin'" to add to your own Junk Obsession.

All photos by Paulette Rodriguez with written permission from Anthem Publishing.

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