Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February Finds, Part 2

To most junkers finding great objects is only half the fun.
Figuring out what to do with them provides a whole other level of satisfaction.

In my last blog post I showed you the interesting pieces I found during my last junking outing. 
In today's post I'd like to show what I did with them, and how they're currently being used.


All it took to restore the luster and shine of the silver plated coffee pot was a bit of silver polish and some good old-fashioned elbow grease.  It's now brilliant as a decorative vase for cut flowers.  


A bit of polish and buffing made the tea canister shine!  Whether filled with fresh flowers or a handful of writing utensils the tiny box is both functional and pretty.

 A deep sanitizing and cleaning made the crystal wine decanter usable again.  As it was always intended, its sparkle has been restored and it can once again lend an air of sophistication to any dinner party or evening cocktail.


I simply set the "Laff a Day" personal calendar on my work table to ensure that I don't get too serious while blogging or crafting.  There really wasn't a thing I could do to clean up these bawdy old jokes!  
The vintage file box and "Honest Boy" pencil sharpener sit on the shelves of my desk cabinet.  The metal box files notes I jot down about books I'm reviewing for the library while the pencil just keeps my pencils pointy.


Point, set, & match to the vintage wooden tennis racket.  It's now playing doubles with a similar racket in red in the guest room!

After being neglected and going through some pretty rough times, the Semca travel clock now sits among old friends.

And what about the metal lap tray I almost left behind?  I've used nearly every day since bringing it home.  

On Sunday I sipped my morning coffee in bed while scanning my favorite junking magazine.   And every night since I've used it to prop open my latest read. 
In fact it's on my lap right now holding my notebook computer as I type in my comfy chair.

I haven't discovered yet how I'll put to use a few of the other treasures I brought home last weekend.  But perhaps if you could stop on by, I could make us some tea, and you and I...we could just sit outside in the sunshine, have a chat, and wait for some good old inspiration to come our way.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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  1. Those are lovely objects! It’s amazing how a little creativity can turn what seemed to be unappealing trash into wonderful decorations. Truly, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

    Anthony Bath


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