Sunday, January 26, 2014

Book Cover Valances

Book Cover Valance

I love to read.
This is where I often sit when I want to shut out the world and sink into a great book.
I love my comfy orange chair, Samsonite footrest, and the natural light coming through the windows - my reading oasis!
The only things between me and the nature of my backyard are the windows and the wood blinds. No drapes for me!  
I have, however, wondered at other options for adding a bit of color and interest to the solid white window treatments.

Inspired by a picture a friend recently shared of this table runner made from old book covers by Becky of Beyond The Picket Fence, I found the solution!  Book Cover Valances!

I headed to the thrift stores in search of some hardcover books.  The color palette pulled straight from my bedroom furnishings: light brown, orange, turquoise, deep red, tan, yellow, and green.  (I have a very colorful quilt.)


I purchased about 25 books, as I have 4 fairly large windows each requiring about 5 covers.  Any books that didn't get used for the valance project would be used for a stacked-book vase project I've been planning.

I began by carefully removing the book blocks from the book covers.

I then laid the covers out on the floor, rearranging until I was satisfied with the combinations.

After heading to the home improvement store for wood and picture-hanging notions, I set up my tools on the back porch.

The 1 x 4s were cut to the length of the window ledge widths.  I located and marked the center of each board...

then found center of each of the book runs.

Using a high-quality craft glue, I put several beads of glue on the board... 

then glued the opened book covers in place.

After gluing all the covers onto the boards, I set the finished valances in the sun to dry.

With picture wire attached to the backs of each board and anchored wall screws in the wall, I hung the valances in place.

Book Cover Valances - the perfect toppers to this librarian's reading oasis!

Please visit Becky's blog, Beyond The Picket Fence, for directions on creating the inspiring book cover table runner and more!

Book cover table runner photo from Beyond The Picket Fence,

All other photographs by Paulette Rodriguez 


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