Sunday, December 22, 2013

Literary Snowman

Book Snowman
Create this adorable Literary Snowman from a discarded book!
A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how to make an eReader cover from a discarded book.  In the first step of the directions you were instructed to remove the book block (block of pages) from the cover and, "Set the block of pages aside to use for other craft projects." 
Well here's the perfect craft project for using up that book block ...
The Literary Snowman!

Step One:  Select a book and remove its cover.
If using a hardback book, cut the book block (block of pages) from the cover by slicing carefully through the end pages being extremely careful not to cut through the outer spine.  The book cover can be used for other projects: eReader Cover or Book Purse.

Set the cover aside.

Step Two:  Create a pattern.  I usually make my patterns from something I have around the house.  In this case I used an old cereal box.  I set my book block on top of the box to determine the height of my pattern.

I found three objects to use as my guides for the three circles (large, medium, small) of my snowman.  

Starting with the largest of the three circles, I traced it onto my pattern cardboard.  I made certain to have the bottom of the circle extend beyond the bottom of the cardboard, so my snowman would have a flat base on which to stand.

Repeat the process with the medium circle and topping it off with the smallest.

Cut out your pattern.  Then cut it in half vertically.

Step Three:  Trace and Cut. Align the straight edge of your pattern along the book block spine and trace with a pencil. 
Cut along your traced lines.  You can probably cut about 5 pages at a time.

I start at the bottom and cut toward the top along the curves, but skipping the tight turns where the snowman sections meet.  Then I switch the direction of my scissors, top toward bottom, to cut into those tight corners.

Repeat this process of tracing and cutting until the entire book block has been cut.

Note that the cuts are not perfect.  No need to worry.  Once the snowman is fanned out, the imperfections will not show.

Cut through all pages.  You may choose to discard the cut pages, or consider saving them for cards, gift tags, or decoupage projects.  "Waste Not, Want Not!"

Find two small twigs that can be used for your snowman arms.

Step Four:  Assemble your snowman.  When you open and fan out your book block, you will eventually wrap what was the front of your book to meet what was the end of your book.  If the spine is stiff work it until it is pliable enough for the front and back to touch easily.  

Apply a liberal amount of glue in the spine and on the back page.  Glue the back page and front page together.  

Clamp and allow the glue to dry completely.

Now determine where you would like to put your arms.  Using a liberal amount of glue, paste each twig in between two pages, one on each side of the snowman body.

Allow to dry.

Add a simple length of fabric scrap as a scarf.

Display a single snowman or create a whole family!
(The smaller snowman pictured above was made from a pocket-sized paperback.)

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. Thank you so much for this step by step tutorial. I made these for my children's teachers and they loved them. Great easy to follow directions and such a fun craft. Thank you

    1. Happy to hear of your success in making these for teachers! As a librarian at an elementary school I know how hard teachers work and how much they care about their students. No doubt your little snowmen warmed their hearts and made them smile.


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