Sunday, November 24, 2013

"The Perfect Couple" Top

Need the perfect flirty, little, casual dress?  How about a longer, smock top to pair with your skinny jeans or leggings?  Of course you do!
Consider making this adorable "The Perfect Couple" top from thrift store finds. 

Choose a women's tee in your size...

and a coordinating men's dress shirt in size large or extra large.

Cut the t-shirt about 6 inches below the underarms. Discard the cut-off portion, or save it for another project. (T-shirt scarf.)

Cut the men's shirt in the same way.  Set aside the top part.  

Sew two rows of baste stitching along the raw edge of the men's shirt.

Use a contrasting thread so that later removal of the baste stitching is easier.

Pull the baste stitch to gather the men's dress shirt to the size of the women's tee.

Turn the men's dress shirt inside out.  Slide the women's tee inside, right sides together, matching side seams fronts, and center.

Pin generously.

Stitch together.

Remove baste stitches.  Turn right side out.  Press, seam up.

Wear with confidence!

For a sassy, spunky look, cut the collar off the men's shirt top you set aside earlier as close to the seam as you can without cutting through.  

Move the button so the collar fits a little more snuggly.  
Then wear it as an accessory.
It looks really great with a scoop neck! 

Oh yes, and remember those sleeves?  With a couple of simple seams you can transform them into stylish wine bottle gift bags.

Show up to your next casual gathering in this flirty, fun, cheeky little number with an equally well-dressed bottle of your favorite wine, and you're sure to make a big impression!

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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