Monday, November 18, 2013

Let Me Spell It Out for You

Like most people I look forward to the weekend.  I don't however pine for quiet days lounging around the house.  For me it's all about the project!  This weekend I hit the ground running. 

Scrabble Tile food Labels

A coworker asked if I could assemble some food table labels from my stash of Scrabble tiles for an upcoming wedding shower she is hosting.  Upon arriving home Friday after work, I set my purse down by the back door then headed directly to my craft supply closet.  Within minutes I was pulling down my cigar box full of tiles and sifting through it to find the required letters.  My husband commented, “Gees, don’t you even want to just sit down for a minute?”  And I suppose the answer likely would have been, “Of course!” had I not had a project to do.  But I did.  And I was anxious to get started.  I found the tiles and trays and assembled the words.  I opted to go ahead and glue the tiles down, as I figured these yummy words could be used for many future occasions. 
Project #1 - Done!
Early Saturday morning a friend and I met for coffee.  We stopped at a couple garage sales and then headed over to a craft fair the high school was sponsoring.  Though my purchases were few, I did leave the craft fair inspired.

I was in the mood to sew, and I had a picture in my head of a pennant banner made from burlap and muslin I thought would be perfectly suited for Thanksgiving.  I made a quick stop at the craft store to pick up fabric, bias tape, buttons, paint, textile medium, and a bit of lace.


I made my patterns, then cut out the pennants: the larger from burlap, the smaller from muslin.

Using double-fold bias tape, the layered pennants and lace were sewn into the fold of the bias tape.  Because I wanted two stacked banners rather than one long one to display my message, I made a short banner and a longer one.  I then zig-zag stitched around all the edges of my burlap pennants to prevent fraying.

I originally purchased black paint to spell out my message, but thought it was just too dark.  I lightened the paint by adding some tan paint.  When the desired color was achieved, I added some textile medium. Textile medium penetrates the fabric fibers and makes the paint more flexible so it won’t crack.



Using letter stencils I spelled out the message I wanted displayed. 

Decorative buttons were sewn on for added flair. 

The finished product was even better than what I had envisioned.

The banner is now displayed on the fireplace where it can remind us to give thanks for our many blessings.
Project #2 - Done!

By midday Sunday I was working on some Readers’ Digest Condensed Book letters.  A coworker asked if I could make some for her.  She wanted them cut into letters for holiday gifts.  I drew up the letter patterns, and then organized my garage workbench. I obsess about perfection more than usual when I’m being paid for my work, particularly for a friend, so I went to the hardware store and bought new saw blades. 



Turns out the new blades were just what I needed.  I think my friend, and ultimately the gift recipients, will be happy with the results.
Project #3 - Done!

After putting my tools away, cleaning up the garage work space, and showering, I realized I had just enough time and just enough energy to squeeze out one more project.  Thinking about an upcoming baby shower at work, I decided to pull out my sewing machine for one more pennant banner.

Using a remnant of striped fabric left over from my laundry room curtains, I made my own double-fold bias tape.  I had plenty of burlap and muslin to make the pennants, and even had paint left over to stencil the lettering.  I love the look of the simple burlap and muslin pennants with the fun and playful stripey binding. 
Project #4 - Done!

So what defines a great weekend?  I guess it depends upon whom you ask.  If you're asking me?  
Let me spell it out for you - P. R. O. J. E. C. T. S.!

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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