Saturday, October 19, 2013

Burlap Wreath

I purchased quite a long piece of burlap at one of my thrift store stops last weekend.  The remnant was only about 15 inches wide, but was at least 10 feet long.

I washed it.  In my washing machine.  I dried it.  In my drier.
BIG MISTAKE...big, big, big mistake.

I knew it was going to fray and I'd likely have to clean out my drier vent several times during the drier cycle, but Wow!  I ended up with a mangled, tangled mess of a ball of frayed burlap. 

I painstakingly trimmed the frayed knots of fibers, ironed and trimmed the sides evenly, and shook out clouds of jute dust, until I was left with a 10 inch wide, 9 foot length of clean usable burlap.

Without any forethought of what my finished product might become, I just rode the flow of the creative process.

I pulled a wire hanger out of my husband's dry cleaning bag, bent it into a circular shape, and opened it by untwisting the hook.

I folded the burlap strip in half lengthwise and began to thread the wire through the fold of the burlap.

Once the entire length of burlap was loaded onto the hanger, I closed the wire back up, thinking I'd use the original hook to hang the finished wreath.  Because the burlap was a little floppy, I cut the wire hanger a bit smaller to tighten the pack of the burlap.  

I then pulled open the two layers of burlap, tissue-paper-flower-style and voila!... 

a durable & rugged burlap wreath perfect for hanging outdoors...or in.

All photographs by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. I laugh because I did the exact same thing with washing and drying. What a nightmare! Did it look something like this?

  2. Yep! Thank goodness we junkers also have very good senses of humor.

  3. Hi Paulette, really love your blog! I work for Reloved, a UK magazine about creative upcycling. Would you be interested in chatting to us about working together? If so, please email me at rachel (dot) beckwith (at)

    Many thanks and hope to hear from you!
    Rachel, Production Editor


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