Friday, September 20, 2013

Serendipitous Reunion

My son was gifted this adorable teacup and saucer from a cast member after their play, The Importance of Being Earnest, closed in April.  The ritual afternoon tea was important in the play, and this dear friend scoured the local thrift stores to find tea cups and saucers to give to each of her cast mates as a sentimental reminder of their shared experience.

Though both lovely pieces, the two were not a match.  
My son, fearing they'd get broken or lost in his college apartment shared with 3 other guys, asked if I would keep them.  I obliged, and they went up in the cupboard with all the other assorted teacups and saucers in my eclectic collection. 

Three months later at our family reunion up in Minnesota, we had an Aprons & Pearls Tea Party. My brother, and fellow junker, brought a few tea cups, saucers, and aprons he picked up on his junking outings in the Milwaukee area for us to use as decoration.  After the tea party he gave me a few aprons and a teacup and saucer that no one else wanted.  
I brought them back to Austin.

This is the saucer ...

and this is the teacup.  

Now what is probably obvious to you, was not so obvious to me at the time.  Upon arriving home and unpacking, I simply put the pair in my cupboard and didn't give them much thought.

It wasn't until today, some 8 weeks later, while reorganizing my cupboards, that I discovered an extraordinary coincidence.  
The mismatched cup and saucer I got from my brother in Milwaukee matches the mismatched cup and saucer my son got from his cast mate here in Austin!  
The two mismatched pairs complete each other.  

A Serendipitous Reunion!
              ...or Magic.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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