Saturday, August 24, 2013


While in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota this summer at the family reunion, we woke to an overcast, rainy, and slightly chilly morning.
My brother, sister, and I were thrilled!
It meant a morning shopping the local thrift stores!

We headed on into town and found The Boys and Girls Club Thrift Store right down Highway 10.  My sister headed straight to the jewelry, my brother to the books, and I to the metal and mechanical.  
We each took our sweet time browsing the store and collecting awesome finds.

I immediately found 2 things I wanted but couldn't have due to packing limitations.  
Because my family and I flew, I had no room for junk items on our return trip.
So back on the shelves went the large enamelware jug and enamelware bedpan with original sticker!
I was quickly becoming bitter and resentful with a very bad attitude to boot. 

Rather than allow myself to get all frustrated with the-finding-of-awesome-stuff and the-not-being-able-to-take-any-of-it-home, I opted instead to hang out with my brother to see what awesome stuff HE was finding.  He had a small stack of books and was still browsing, so I started to peruse the shelves.  

And then I came upon this book...

The Golden Book of America. 

Oh, friends!  Let me tell you, this is truly golden!  The illustrations in this little gem are simply AWESOME!  

The colors are vibrant and the paper quality good.

I rationalized that additional packing space wouldn't be necessary, as airlines typically allow a traveler to carry on two small bags AND a BOOK!  Score!  The book could be mine.

Now that I had my one awesome treasure, I was fine to hang around and wait, with not even the slightest bit of bitter resentment, until my sister and brother wrapped up their shopping.

Just before finalizing our purchases, my sister called me over to a glass display case of the more expensive, collectors items and jewelry.  Sitting right there on top of the glass counter was this awesome Kodak Brownie Starflex Outfit in its original box with its original user's guide! 
 I almost started to cry.  
How completely torturous for a Kodak camera collector to come up such a find when 

The answer is: very.

"Ok, but hold on a much is it?" I ask my sister.
"$4.99," she replies.
"How much?"
"Sorry...did you say four.  ninety.  nine?  Like foooouuuuuurrrr, ninety-nine?"
"Yes!  It's four ninety-nine!"
"Oh, for God's sake, give that to me."

I ended my outing with a book, the vintage camera outfit, a small vintage desk stapler, and two strands of pearls, and I managed to get them all in my suitcases and on the plane.  

I can always replace my clothes.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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  1. Sound like a fun way to spend a not so perfect wEaThEr DaY for the Lake. Looks like you has a great FaMiLy ReUnIoN. Thanks for sharing Paulette.


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