Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's Always a Grab Bag

I never know what I'll stumble upon when I go junking.  
I think that's part of the charm of thrift store shopping.

I stopped in Friday morning to see if I could find a replacement muffin tin.  I did.  
But I also found an awesome little shelf just perfect for the back porch and a nifty little "Going to Grandma's" suitcase, neither of which I was actually looking for.

Today I felt like getting out of the house.
Let me remind you, I don't NEED anything; I just like to get out and about.
So, I headed over to Savers; haven't been there in awhile.

I found, and purchased this package of 3, 9" school letter-men's jacket letters for a buck-ninety-nine.
I thought my son, Andres, might like to hang one in his room somewhere, and I could hang another in a school display.  I think I'll put it up next to the football and trophy that sit atop one of the bookshelves in the library.

OK, so then I see these.  
You might be surprised to know that wooden clogs from Holland are actually fairly common at thrift stores.  At least from what I've seen.  
(I must say, though, that this particular pair are really pretty...and shiny.)

I'll bet what happens is people go and visit The Netherlands and think, "Oh man, I've got to bring a souvenir back to fill-in-the-blank.  I know, I'll bring him/her some of these awesome wooden shoes."  And then when fill-in-the-blank gets said shoes, he/she is like, "Whoa, these are cool! ... What the hell am I supposed to DO with them?"
So they end up in thrift stores. 
I bought 'em. 
I'm an experienced teacher and librarian.  I know that come December, many of my elementary teacher friends are going to be wishing they had a pair of these bad boys!  That's right!  Come December, the 5th to be more precise, as they teach their Holidays-Around-the-World unit, they'll want a pair of wooden clogs to demonstrate how children in The Netherlands leave their wooden clogs out so Sinterklaas and his sidekick, Black Peter, can leave presents in them. 

Not to worry, my elementary teacher friends, I've got you covered.

(If you are Dutch, or you've actually lived in the The Netherlands,  and you find that the information I've posted above concerning Christmas traditions in The Netherlands are inaccurate, please speak up and correct me. This is what we're teaching our children.)

Come on!  You knew I couldn't leave well enough alone.  
I decoupaged the little suitcase with some awesome illustrations from a book I purchased up in Minnesota last month.  

The Golden Book of America is a great book! 

 It is packed-full of gorgeous old prints of historic paintings, folk-art, poster art, and ads.  I use the illustrations in decoupage projects, greeting cards, tags, and more.  

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. Okay, this are simply lovely! I am a 'junker' also and so happy to see there are others! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Keep on junking, Ellen! There are so many treasures waiting to be rescued!


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