Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Scooter Obsession

I've always wanted a motor scooter.

Visions of Audrey Hepburn riding through Rome with Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday made it look so glamorous, flirty, and fun.  Who wouldn't want that?

I decided I should get one.  I'm turning 50 in a couple months.  If not now, when?

Being the vintage lover that I am, I really wanted a classic -
A lovely vintage Vespa or maybe an older model "new-vintage" (newer bike with vintage styling) Genuine Stella.

So I started looking at Craigslist and other online sources for used or vintage scooters.  And I found several.  But the problem for me was, and is, three-fold: a.) I know nothing about scooters, b.)I've never ridden a scooter, and c.) I don't have the slightest inkling of how to evaluate a used scooter, or fix one up for that matter.  
Also, did I mention I know NOTHING about scooters!  

I just like the way they look, appreciate their mechanics, and imagine what a blast it must be to ride.  
After all, Audrey and Gregory sure looked happy.

After a couple days researching I decided I should look into purchasing a small 50cc scooter, a good fit for my intended suburban use.  A friend purchased her scooter at Urban Moto in Austin on South Lamar, and she had a good experience, so I headed over.

 Urban Moto had both the Genuine Buddy and the SYM Mio, both well-reviewed 50cc scooters.
Val, the sales manager and owner, spent a great deal of time with me and my husband, answering any and all questions we had.
She and Brandon, one of the service guys gave me some basic operations lessons and allowed me to do a simple test drive around the parking lot.  I was very reassured by their attention and guidance.

I decided on the SYM Mio and was thrilled to see that it came in a retro two-tone style!

When I went to pick up my scooter today I asked Val for permission to take some photos of the shop and of course, the fabulous old "parts" scooters parked in the back.  She granted permission.  So while my husband and one of the shop guys loaded my scooter in the truck, I snapped a few shots of some great old bikes and some really spiffy new bikes too.

Brandon's Bike is Awesome!

This one totally reminds me of a Storm Trooper.

As you can see, my appreciation for vintage includes a love a black & white photography.  
But I've got some color shots as well.

Brandon's Awesome Bike!

There must be an entire story written in these stickers!

A couple of Lemonheads!

The SYM 150 Wolf - Retro Styling

More shots of the Wolf; my husband loves this bike!

Beautiful Stella!

Ciao, Bella!

I love my new scooter. After driving it around the neighborhood all afternoon, I have concluded that it is every bit as fun to drive as I imagined!  And with 80 -100 miles to the gallon, I'll be saving money along the way - perhaps enough to someday take my own Roman Holiday!

A special thanks to Val and the guys at Urban Moto!

All photographs, with the exception of those from Roman Holiday, taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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  1. I expect to see that scooter parked in the lot at school this Fall. Totally awesome! Congrats.


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