Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Silver Lining

I just returned from a visit to my hometown.  It was an enjoyable visit, spending time with my folks and visiting old friends.  
But I couldn't help but feel just a little let down.  See, whenever I go home, I visit the old favorite thrift stores and usually find a few awesome treasures.
This trip, however, yielded just this one vintage Icy-Hot Thermos.

Now don't get me wrong; I appreciated my find.  It's the perfect little thermos to strap onto the back of my bike display in the backyard to give that extra punch for the 4th of July.  

But I was disappointed.  I found the prices at most of the stores to be quite inflated.  I searched diligently for a large picture frame to be used as a photography prop.  Expecting to pay around the $8 mark, I was shocked to find outdated, framed prints ranging from $20 to...get this...$75!  Oh, I know you're thinking these must have been signed prints or collector's items, but NO! they were just cheap, old prints from the 80s.
I finally settled on one that was on sale for half price.  Not the $8 limit I'd set, but close enough at $10.

I was deflated and discouraged.  

While I was nearing my last day, I received a text message from a junker pal back home in Texas.  It read:

 "Are you home? Jerry (the junk locator)."
I responded, "I'm in North Dakota. What'd you find?"
"Wife is getting mad because the garage is full of junk.  I would like to give it to you. When do you come home?"
"On Saturday evening."
"OK. Have fun and I'll call you Sunday."
"You're a good friend, Jerry."

We junkers are like that.  If we can't use a junk find, or we don't have a need for it, we just pass it on to someone who will.
So upon my return home, I walked on down to Jerry's, and I saw that he'd gathered a small pile of stuff by his garage - a chair, a box of embroidery thread, an odd looking sculpture, and a cardboard box.  He told me to take what I wanted; the rest would be donated to charity.
I'd just spent a week gleaning my own collections and I really didn't need to bring anything more home, but I couldn't resist the mysterious cardboard box! 

With just a quick peek, I'd decided
the whole box was coming home with me!

Jerry and I chatted awhile and I honestly had a hard time concentrating 'cuz I couldn't wait to see what else was in that box!

When I got the box home, I started unloading its contents.  I was thrilled about the old milk bottles, as I had planned to set up a vintage kitchen display in the library featuring vintage aprons, kitchen ware, and cookbooks, and knew the bottles would be perfect additions.
Until then, they'll sit out on the front porch displaying small American flags for the upcoming summer holidays.

Along with the enormous silver-plated tray, there was a rather 
large collection of silver-plated stemware.  

 Included in the set were:

10 champagne coupes

3 large goblets, 5 small goblets, 5 cordials

6 brandy snifters,

and a single candlestick.
The stemware is marked, "VALERO EPB MADE IN SPAIN". 
(EPB means silver-plate in Spain.)

Along with the stemware, there was a menorah


a serving spoon rest and two serving spoons


a pair of wine glasses likely used for a wedding or 25th anniversary,

and some odds and ends.
Not bad for a free cardboard mystery box!  

I know what you're thinking.  I do.
You're thinking, "What are you gonna do with all that stuff?"

Truth is, I don't know.  

I may donate some of it to a local charity thrift store.

I might use it for a library display.  Think The Game of Thrones.


I might use it at a dinner party.  Think Downton Abbey Season 4 Premiere Party.

I might use it to decorate my house.  Think candles on the fireplace mantle,


bath soaps and salts in the guest bathroom,

or just place it on my vanity for jewelry.  

I just don't know. And that's OK.

When I finally do decide how, and for what, I'll use my treasures, I'll certainly tell you all about it.

The Game of Thrones book series photo from Barnes & 
All other photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. I have two of those same candle sticks with detachable drip plates. Any idea what they're worth?

  2. I have two of those identical candle sticks with detachable drip plates. Any idea what they're worth?

  3. I just bought a box of 4 champagne goblets in the original box shipped from Spain! Not sure what they're worth as well as the's the coolest made box I've ever seen and still has the address label!


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