Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wooden Pants Hangers and Vintage Maps

I recently did some spring cleaning and took a trunk load of discards to the local Goodwill.  Included in the load were some pieces of inexpensive wall art I had hanging in the powder room.  My husband said the brightly painted flowers in the artwork clashed with the license plate ceiling. I didn't really mind parting with it, except that now we had this very long and narrow blank wall.

As I was moving laundry from the washing machine to the drier the other day, I noticed some blank artist canvas boards I had stored on my crafts shelf.  I had four canvases, but no frames. 

 I pondered for a minute and saw this calendar page hanging from a wooden pants hanger to the left of my drier.


I knew I had a few wooden pants hangers from which I could hang the canvas boards.  I clamped a board into a pants hanger and calculated that I could hang three in the available space above the commode.  Now I just had to come up with an appropriate subject; one that would make sense in a bathroom tiled in license plates.  

I opened my crafting cupboards to look for inspiration, and sure enough I found the perfect subject matter - Maps!

Sometime last summer I picked up this 1979 World Atlas thinking I'd someday want it for a project.  Now, almost a year later, it was exactly what I needed. 

I gathered up my supplies: 
canvas boards
decoupage medium (Mod-Podge)
wooden pants hangers
tape measure

I looked through the atlas finally selecting three maps: North Dakota, Texas, and Montana.


I spread the Mod-Podge in a thin layer over the canvas board, then decoupaged each map onto its own board.  

I tore the atlas pages into pieces and layered them to fit on the canvas board creating an interesting composition.  

I added a couple of additional thin layers of the decoupage medium to get a good seal, drying them in the sun between layers.  

While the boards were drying, I determined where I wanted the first to hang.  I then attached a weighted string from the first nail to guide me in placing the additional nails ensuring  a straight line.  

I used the tape measure to determine the nail spacing.  
Finally when the decoupaged boards were completely dry, I clamped them into the wooden pants hangers, and hung them up.  

Wooden Pants Hangers + Vintage Atlas Maps = Awesome Vertical Display!

 All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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