Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tea Time in Texas Part II

So earlier this morning I posted "Tea Time in Texas" and told about finding china teacups and saucers and how I'd left a topless sugar bowl behind.
Well, I went back and rescued the sugar bowl along with the last, lone saucer of the set for good measure.  

It was a beautiful day and I was in the mood for driving, so rather than returning home, I headed into Austin.  I stopped at the Savers store on South Lamar to try my luck.  It turned out to be a pretty good choice, as I found a pretty 25-piece set of china saucers, bowls, and plates for...get this...$7.99!  That breaks down to what? 32 cents each!  I'll use what I need to complete service for 12, and the rest I'll donate back to the store, give as gifts, or sell.

As I was wrapping up my purchase my boys called, and since I was in town, we decided to meet up for lunch.  They weren't quite ready, so I headed to Thrift Land for a quick look-see.
I found a couple sets of china I thought were nice, but I really just wanted cups and saucers.  I selected a small set and headed to the checkout line.  As I waited for my turn I looked up and spied some china teacup and saucer pairs in a china cabinet in the corner of the back wall.   
Could I be so lucky?
I could!
I purchased all 7 pairs and one single cup.  The pairs ranged in price from $1.99 - $3.99! and 3 of the sets were ON SALE FOR HALF PRICE!

Stamped Royal Dover China, Bone China, Made in England

I matched the single cup to the lone saucer I'd rescued along with the sugar bowl.  This is the beauty of having mismatched settings.  This pair will fit right in.

And I paired the tea bird cup to one of the set of 25.  I think they work perfectly together. 
Here are the pairs I purchased:

Stamped Royal Ascot Genuine Bone China, Made in England

I love the delicate wind-blown fan-flowers in silver, blue, and pink.

Stamped Consort Fine Bone China, Made in England (saucer)
Stamped Royal Grafton Fine Bone China, Made in England, 1926 hand-numbered in gold paint (cup)

These two mismatched pieces look like a pair with their similar clusters of purple flowers.

Stamped Marlborough Bone China 22 KT Gold, Made in England

No stamp or markings

Stamped Shelley Fine Bone China, England Rd 272101

Stamped Grosvenor China England 8179 hand numbered

Stamped "Forget Me Not" Royal Albert Bone China England

Oddly enough, after meeting up with my sons and showing them my purchases, the younger says, "Hey, I should give you the teacup my cast mate gave me when our show closed."  Here's the darling demitasse and saucer.

Stamped Bavarian (demitasse)
Stamped Spode India Tree Copeland England (saucer)

When I have this kind of amazing luck on thrift outings, I don't ask questions. 
I just accept it graciously and offer up a sincere "Thank You" to the universe.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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  1. Do you know how much I love tea sets??? These are absolutely perfect! You must have a tea party. Oooh, I know...for the Downton Abbey premier!


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