Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Welcome to the Austin City-Wide Garage Sale.  Held several times a year at the Palmer Events Center, this event is always a favorite.

Vendors sell vintage items, antiques, and collectibles.

Some specialize in a particular item or category of collectible,

while others have a varied assortment.

Whatever your taste or style, you'll likely find something here.

This weekend I started at the linens tables, where I customarily begin, and found an inexpensive quilt.  

I just loved the colors and simple scrappy squares pattern.

While looking through a pile of linens, I spotted a shoe form sitting on the corner of a nearby booth.  Eventually I made my way over to the booth, chatted with owner Joyce for a bit, and ended up buying the form.  It’s my size, and it has the loveliest arch.  After having foot surgery last summer, I truly value a good arch; Lord knows I paid a small fortune for mine. This was a real bargain.

The neighboring booth, Yesterday’s Treasures, is where I spied this lovely record player.  I've wanted one of these for a long time, and was glad to find this one.  It has multiple speed settings for the various records in my collection.  I’ll clean it up and see what happens. 

I didn't get much farther through the pavilion, as I came upon Shelby's Quilts & Collectibles.  It was obvious that Shelby and I have very similar taste.  From the gorgeous vintage quilts to the farmhouse finds, I was captivated. 

 The blue Mason Ball jars at the top of this rack had to be mine! 

I purchased a set of six.  

Along with the great Mason jars, Shelby had a rack of vintage aprons.
We talked about our shared appreciation for old aprons and went through the rack commenting on how special each one was.  I would have loved to purchase a couple of my favorites, but I've really got more aprons than any one girl could ever need.

But if I had purchased a few of those aprons, I would have had to bring this wonderful red step stool home!  Can you imagine how adorable this little darling would look next to a peg-rack full of aprons?
I can!

I spied these two rusty, old lounge chairs and couldn't help think how great they'd look in my back yard, right under the oak trees by the license plate garland meandering along the fence.
But they stayed behind; I really don't need two rusty lounge chairs.

Continuing with the theme of "Great Items I Didn't Buy" we must talk about the bread rack!   
 It's rather difficult to see in this picture, but trust me on this one, it was fabulous!  The green paint was just the right amount of chippy- rusty, and the size of the rack was perfect for use in any room of the house to display just about anything.  Some day if/when I have my own shop, I'll wish I had a bread rack exactly like this one...

and a fabulous tandem bicycle just like this one!  OK, so mostly it's just the frame, but this has so much potential.  
This I adore.  

Like all shopping experiences, you can't have everything.  I'm happy with my purchases.

The quilt is currently hanging over the back of my church pew in the sitting room.  I plan to keep it out during the summer months.  It's very lightweight and will be perfect for a picnic or snuggling under outside by the fire.

The funky shoe form found a home in the upstairs bathroom.  
It oddly fits right in with the decor. 

I've been tinkering with the record player.  The motor's good, the speeds all work, and there's sound.  I just have to figure out how to get the turntable to sit on the axle properly so it spins correctly.  
 I've listened to some of my oldest 78s and they sound pretty good provided I help spin the turntable. 
I don't mind; the crackly sound and slightly warped melodies make me happy.

I'll use the Mason jars for many purposes.  But one I'm excited about is 
back-yard ambient lighting.  

 These awesome solar lids by Solar Lid-Light are my newest “favorite thing.”  I purchased one from an Amazon seller to see how well it worked. 

 I loved it so much I purchased five more.  Just put the solar lids out in the sun for a few hours during the day, and enjoy the ambient lighting all night long.  
 The light illuminates the entire glass jar beautifully and casts lovely patterns on the ground.  It makes me think of fireflies - perfect for a summer evening

  So what's on tap for next weekend?
I'll likely be found sitting outside under the oak trees alight in turquoise firefly light, wrapped up in a quilt, listening to old records while my finger helps spin the turntable around, my right foot, with its perfectly-shaped arch, dangling over the side of my not-so-rusty lounge chair.  

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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