Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fabric Scrap Pennant Banner

Like most women who sew and craft I always have lots of left-overs.  Unlike the leftovers in my fridge, fabric and crafting leftovers never go bad; they just pile up. 
When my crafting cupboard doors won't close that's a sure sign that I need to clean out my stores.    

So I've got this rather large-ish pile of fabric scraps - cotton calicos mostly.  I gather them up and spread 'em out.  I stare at them awhile.  Cock my head to the left...and to the right.  I ponder.  
Then SNAP!  It hits me.  

With this particular pile I decide to make a pennant swag or bunting.  The scraps appear to be large enough to be able to cut two-sided pennants.  
I head to the home office and get a piece of printer paper - 8 1/2" x 11".

I fold it in half vertically.

Cut it diagonally.

Open it up on the fold,...

 and my pattern is ready.

Next, I cut my fabric to 11" in length.

I then laid my pattern out and began cutting pennants.

I pair single pennants to make them two-sided.  When enough fabric is available, I fold my fabric and cut two simultaneously.

I cut as many as I can.  

Then I collect what I have,

and lay them out in a somewhat random order.

Using extra-wide, double-fold seam binding tape...

I slip the pennant inside the binding tape and stitch...

adding another pennant immediately after the previous.

When the seam binding runs out,  I stop and change the stitch on my machine to zigzag. 

I zigzag stitch around each pennant, back-stitching at each top corner.   

Next, I trim all loose threads,

and press neatly.

It's ready to hang and add color and joy to any space or venue!

If you don't have enough scraps, it's a great excuse to head on down to the fabric store and see what's new.  1/3 of a yard of several fun fabrics will create a fabulous pennant swag.

I'm currently hanging this one in a display at school and will likely use it again at my upcoming summer family reunion.

Sew chic!

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.c

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