Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Letting Go

I started blogging just over a year ago.  One of my first entries was about choosing what to buy or collect.  I talked about the odd things that "speak to me."  Junkers and pickers all seem to have a penchant for a certain type of item.  For me its all things mechanical.  I fell in love with this
old Maytag washing machine from the early 1930s at first sight. She'd been given to me by a  friend who'd kept her for years, never really sure quite what do with her, but knowing she was something special.

I called her Maybelline the Washing Machine.  She had a fabulous tub and an awesome wringer apparatus on top. 

 I lovingly gave her a new home on my back porch.  
There she sat until today.  

All junkers and pickers know this is just a part of the cycle.  You just can't keep everything.  Besides, it's my belief that things need to be used.  And if anything as special as Maybelline is not being used, well then it needs to go to someone, somewhere who will put it to good use.
And so I let her go.  

I called an antiques store in nearby Georgetown and upon describing Maybelline, was given a name.  "That sounds like something Joy might have an interest in, "  I was told.  I spoke to Joy on the phone today, and when I told her about my old washing machine, she chuckled and said she'd be happy to take her in.

My husband and I loaded Maybelline in the truck and took her over to Rough & Ready Antiques in nearby Georgetown, Texas.  I went on inside and introduced myself to Joy.  We walked out to the truck and on first glance, Joy said, 
"Oh yeah, she's kinda sweet." 
 I knew Maybelline was in good hands.  

We unloaded her and placed her among some other interesting pieces, making sure she was situated comfortably.  Joy and I chatted briefly.  She pegged me immediately for having a sweet spot for industrial pieces.  Few words were needed to understand I'd met a kindred spirit in Joy.  

I climbed back into the cab of the truck and took one last glance at the old Maytag.  I sat quietly for a couple of minutes with just my thoughts of hope for Maybelline.  I truly hope she finds a good home.  I hope another kindred spirit spies her and sees how truly lovely she is.  I hope she gets put to good use, because she deserves that.  

My quiet moment interrupted by,
  "Oh my God, you're not crying are you!?"

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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