Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hidden Potential Revealed

It's Spring Break!  After spending the first few days off taking care of several odd jobs around the house, I decided to take a day to just enjoy myself.
So, I went junking.

My first stop was "the digs."  I spent a good 30 - 45 minutes looking through the bins at what I would call very "slim pickins!"  I left with just a few trinkets: 2 luggage tags, an alphabet die, and a silverplated tray.

The tray was very tarnished, but I thought it showed potential

I met up with my son, and we grabbed a sandwich and coffee at Denny's.  He decided to join me on my last junking stops, as he's in need of a task chair and was hopeful we'd find one.  We headed west from I-35 on Stassney to Thrift Land.  A lap around the store's perimeter, and all I came up with was this
 American Escort train case.  

My son reminded me that I already had several cases, even a yellow one very similar to this, and questioned my need for yet another.  I defended my purchase with evidence even he couldn't argue against.  "This one's an Escort!  It's got its original tag.  The mirror and tray are in tact. 
 It doesn't smell funky!"   

  And so it came home with me.

Ever hopeful, we tried a couple more stores only to come up empty handed.

I dropped my boy off at his apartment and then headed on home.  I stopped by the house and unloaded my meager finds, and then decided to try one more shop just up the street from home. 

And low and behold, I found the perfect chair for my boy and a little something for me.

Die, luggage tags, and tarnished tray = $2.85
American Escort Train Case = $7.99
Task Chair = $20
Little silver tray = $1.99
Lunch with my boy = Priceless!

Oh, yes - the tray.  I almost forgot to show you the "after" shots!
Now If this was a valuable antique, I'd leave the "patina."  However, it is not, so...
I use a little silverplate tarnish remover and some elbow grease, and 
let the chemical reaction begin.

Hidden potential revealed!

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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