Saturday, March 30, 2013

Favorite Vintage Purchase?

Flea Market Style magazine/blog recently put the following challenge to its readers, "Tell us about one of your favorite junk/antique/vintage purchases from an antiques shop, vintage store, flea market, thrift shop or auction house still in business!"

So, is this like a trick question?

My favorite vintage purchase…?  Hmmm.  It might just be the amazing manual typewriter I picked out of the huge bin at “the digs,”

(the digs (ᵺə dǐgz,   ᵺē dǐgz ) n.  Slang.  a retail, outlet, warehouse store for Goodwill Industries in Austin, Texas filled with large, shallow bins full of household discards wherein people race down aisles to snag awesome finds and pay by the pound.)

or the Samsonite train case triplets,

or the vintage electric fan,

or maybe the wooden-shaft golf clubs,

or maybe…, no wait, I know… the vintage workbooks!  Yes, the workbooks I used for my suitcase decoupage projects!

As a junker, picker, crafter, and antiques enthusiast it’s nearly impossible to choose JUST ONE favorite find.  Each one was a thrill to find, an accomplishment to refurbish, and continues to be a delight to treasure!

But in an attempt to answer your question directly and succinctly, I’ll say this:

Westclox Baby Ben, circa 1930s, purchased at the ever delightful Plain and Fancy Antiques shop in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  I was shopping with my mother while visiting during the summer. She bought it for me as an early birthday gift after watching me attempt to pick one from several to purchase for my collection.  It’s just so darn adorable!  It’s a perfect mix of timeless charm and practicality.  And it still works!

[Handmade] Vintage Apron, date unknown, purchased from Sapphire’s Floral and More in Hillsboro, North Dakota.  I love it for its feminine charm and what it represents – a woman’s desire to look beautiful while doing basic, unglamorous chores around the home.  I love the contrast of the functional pockets paired with the whimsy of an organdy overlay.

Vintage Steamer Trunk, date unknown, purchased at Wimberley Market Days flea market in Wimberley, Texas.  It is amazingly well designed and constructed.  It has a storage place for all essentials. I like to imagine to whom it belonged and where it went.  The original travel sticker provides at least one hint; the rest is left to my imagination.

 So what’s my favorite junk/antique/vintage purchase?
 I simply cannot narrow it down to one favorite find. 
The truth is my favorite find is the next one!

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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