Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hopeful Optimist

It's the weekend.  Every weekend begins the same way.  My husband and I greet every Saturday morning with big smiles and big dreams!  He'll get out on the water and catch lots of fish; I'll head to my junking spots and find amazing treasures!  
What?  It could happen.

With an optimistic attitude and bountiful energy I head out on what I'm planning to be a Saturday morning junking marathon.  It's too early, cool, and overcast for fly fishing the creek, so my husband has agreed to drive me around.  He's waiting in the truck, happily reading while I hit my first stop - the digs!

I walk the aisles, eyes keenly searching each bin for treasures.  After a good 15 minutes I've got nothing!  It's a bust.  Finally I spot this set of numbers.  I pay a buck fifty for 'em.  I figure I'll get my money's worth taking pictures of various combinations for my urban numbers anniversary frames.  

Next, we head on over to Thrift Land, one of my all-time favorite places.  As per usual, I walk the perimeter of the store where I usually find most of my interesting pieces, but it's not looking good. As I'm heading out the door I spot this vintage step stool.  It's a bit grimy, but otherwise in good working condition.  It sets me back $6.  I consider it a bargain. 

We check out two more shops, but get skunked in both!  
We decide to call it quits.
We head back home making one quick stop at the fabric store. I find a great remnant suitable for recovering the stool's seat.  


We make it home just as the fog lifts and the sun starts to shine and warm up the day. 
 My husband grabs his fishing rod, waders, flies, and vest and is out the door by the time I've unloaded the stool.  

 I clean the stool, tighten all the bolts, and make a cover for the top cushion. I am happy with the outcome. 
 My husband has returned from fishing...nothin'; he's not happy with the outcome.

But, alas...tomorrow is another day.

It's Sunday.  We still have half the weekend remaining.  The chores we put off yesterday have almost been completed.  My husband heads out for another attempt at catching some fish.  I head out to my local big box home improvement store and pick up an 18" length of 1" x 6" poplar for a project.  I'd seen a picture of an adorable swing shelf with thermos bottle vases on the internet, and I'd been wanting to make one on which to display a few of my own vintage thermoses.  

I drill a few holes, thread through some rope, cut a few flowers, and my project is complete.  I hang it in front of the laundry room window; the new vintage stool sits below.  
My husband has returned from fishing the creek - 10 fish on minuscule pheasant flies.  He smiles; it's been a good day on the water.

 My husband is happy, my creative desires have been satisfied, I'm surrounded by cheery-ness and warmth, and I've just put in the last load of laundry. 

Don't you just love the weekend!

All photos taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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  1. You have the best laundry room in the world! I would like you to redo my entire house.


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