Sunday, December 23, 2012

Urban Numbers and Anniversary Frames

I've been "collecting" (taking pictures of) what I call urban numbers for a few years now.  They're really just numbers I see printed in public spaces. The ones I like best are those found on interesting objects like fire hydrants, utility poles, parking spots, and sewer lids.  

I especially love when the paint is chipped and weathered...  

or surrounded by interesting textures.

I've been using my numbers to create unique wedding anniversary frames, a great gift idea for weddings, showers, and yep, you guessed it...Christmas.

 It all starts with a 3-window picture frame. I look for frames with either 4"x6" openings or 5"x7". 

Next, I look through my digital photo libraries for the appropriate numbers.  If I don't already have the necessary numbers, I find a way to create them. 

 When I've got photos of all the necessary numbers, I take my digital photo disc down to the corner drug store.  Using the photo kiosk, I edit my photos and print.  So fast and easy!

Next I disassemble the frame and give the glass a good cleaning.  I attach my photos to the existing matting with acid free adhesive strips and reassemble the frame.  That's it!  Super simple, but oh so chic!

With Christmas drawing near and my gift making finished up, I'm ready to close my workshop down for a couple of weeks.  

Gee...I hope none of the friends receiving gifts this year are peeking at my blog!

All photos taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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