Monday, November 19, 2012

Vintage Style Thanksgiving

I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving.  My husband and I went to the store Sunday mid-morning and purchased the turkey and all the fixin's.  It will only be the four of this year, and I must say I'm looking forward to spending time with just our little family.  The boys have been away at college, and we just don't get to see them as often as we'd like.  I want to make their time home special.  The meal will be delicious, the company happy and healthy, and the home...casual and inviting.  
That's what I'm going for. 

So here's the dining room table.  This will be the center of the day's celebration.  It's got to look the part.  I need a plan.

My first option for the Thanksgiving table begins with laying out the vintage table cloth I picked up a few weeks ago at the Austin Citywide Garage Sale.  

The fit is perfect and the floral design simple enough.  Rather than using our everyday dishes I opted to get some clear glass plates to "match" the vintage glassware I've been collecting throughout this past year.


 Alone the glass plates would be too plain, so I picked up some gold chargers for about $1 each.  

Rather than just placing the glass plates on top, I sandwiched a piece of vintage-looking fabric in between.  

Next I added to each place setting a linen napkin.  These were purchased recently at The Annual Settlement Home Citywide Garage Sale.  Nothing says "fancy" like beautiful linen napkins.

Next came the stemware and place cards.  Of course I had to use the place card easels and wine glass charms I recently fashioned out of vintage silver-plated flatware.  I included a spoon rest.  Will we need a spoon rest?  Who knows... who cares;  it looks awesome.  The touch of polished silver looks whimsical and elegant. 

For such a special occasion, I will be serving a nice wine.  I picked up the recommended bottle of Chardonnay and placed it in a wine bottle sleeve.  Here you see it standing next to what else? a thermos bottle vase for some cut flowers.  

That could work.  

For option two I considered using my men's shirt chair covers.  I have a set in fall colors that I thought might look nice.  Nope.  It's a great option if you have chairs that clash with your Thanksgiving color scheme, but in this case, there's just too much fabric going on. 

My third option, and the one I'm going with, is to remove the table cloth and chair covers and allow the rich wood grain of the table to add warmth and provide contrast to the table settings and serving dishes.

So now that I have a plan for dressing the table, I best get working on a plan to dress that bird!  

Happy Thanksgiving!

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. What a beautiful table! A very happy Thanksgiving to your family!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. Wishing you a very festive and happy Thanksgiving as well.

  2. Everyting looks beautiful. Don't forget to add a picture of yourself in yor men's-shirt apron.

    1. Right now I've got the house to myself, and I'm cooking up a storm. Wearing my girly apron to make myself feel more domestic. Let's hope it works.


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