Sunday, November 25, 2012

Map Pendant

Create a unique cartographic pendant for that special location in your life - hometown, vacation dream, wedding destination, and more!  

It all starts with a location that is special to you.  Find a map or atlas featuring your desired location.  If you don't already have a map or atlas, you can probably find one at a used book store or thrift store.  

Next, head to your local craft store for the following:
1 1/2" extra deep circle bezel 
ball chain or other necklace chain
polymer coating  

You'll also need the following tools and stuff:  
wire cutter
small plastic cup 
plastic stir stick


 Step One:  Select the location you wish to use.   


Step Two: Trace and cut.  You can trace the actual bezel or use the template that comes printed on the package.  You might need to trim it down a bit until it fits neatly at the bottom of the bezel.

Step Three:  Prepare the polymer resin.  
Follow the polymer coating product instructions. 


The process is fairly simple, but be sure to follow the instructions exactly.  I found that using a capful of each resin and hardener was the perfect amount for the 1 1/2" extra deep bezel.
Step Four:  Pour the polymer into the bezel.  
After mixing, as per the product instructions, pour the polymer into the bezel.  It will create a nice dome on the top.  It is best to set the bezel on a nice even surface.  I usually set mine out on my counter top with a piece of wax paper.

Step Five:  Let it set for a few minutes and check for large air bubbles. 
If you have to re-position your map cut-out, or get air bubbles out, simply use a toothpick.  

Very small air bubbles will surface as it sets.  Wait about 10 minutes.

Step Six:  Remove small air bubbles.  
You can remove small air bubbles by hovering the flame of a lighter over the surface.  
ADULT SUPERVISION IS A MUST, and again, follow the product instructions.  Allow the polymer to harden for the required time.  Be patient.  Do not handle the pendant before the polymer has had sufficient time to set properly.  See product instructions.  

Measure and cut the desired length of chain, or purchase a ready-made chain, for your pendant.

Final Step: Thread chain and enjoy!  
Now that special location can travel with you on your next adventure.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. Oh my goodness, I have never seen these before and LOVE them! I hope none of my friends or family see them as I want to make them for holiday gifts! I can't wait to start making these! Thanks for sharing this! Hope you had a wonderful break.

    1. Thanks for your comments. You'll love this project, and any of your gift receivers will as well.


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