Saturday, November 3, 2012

Austin Settlement Home Charity Garage Sale

So my friend, Catherine, called me up at work on Thursday, and asked me if I'd be interested in attending the preview party for the Austin Settlement Home for Children Charity Garage Sale going on this weekend at the Palmer Events Center in downtown Austin, Texas.  It took me all of a split second to say, "YES!"

We arrived to find the place packed with all things you'd find in any typical neighborhood garage sale...X 1000!  I mean this place was PACKED!  Housewares, sporting goods, toys, clothes, holiday items, collectibles, and more.  

I headed to the luggage aisle.  I scored two great, little, vintage cases... 

an American Tourister, Tri-Taper complete with original tag and key... 

and this Monarch train case - both in exceptional condition.

Next, I headed over to the vintage linens to look for some tablecloths and napkins for the upcoming family reunion tea my mother and I are planning.  There were many from which to choose.  

I selected several bundles of white napkins, both cocktail and dinner. 

The volunteers collected my selections, wrapped them neatly, and placed them all in a paper bag marked with the price.  Purchases are made as you leave the sale.  It's wonderfully organized, and I so appreciated not having to pull my money out for each individual sale.

There were lots of dishes and other housewares, but I had to pass them up.  This sweet set of china would be perfect for the upcoming tea party, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to transport it safely up to the Midwest.  I hope it finds a nice home.

This huge selection of glassware was eye-popping!

And the silver... Oh my, the silver!  Much of these were silver-plated, but what a selection!

I just loved this pitcher - so stately!

I headed over to the collectibles area and stopped to look through these beautiful, antique baby clothes. Made me somewhat wishful for a grandchild.

I stopped to look through the vintage aprons, but didn't find one I "had to have."  
The quilts were gorgeous as well.  

Here are some of the items that caught my eye in the collectibles area.  I really loved the picnic case.  As you can see it has most of its original contents, and the tray removes to uncover sectioned storage spaces for wine!  It was truly remarkable. 

There was a huge selection of furniture both old and more modern.  This antique rocking chair with cane seat was really nice.  It reminded me of one my parents have back home.  I know I'll kick myself for not buying this one.  I just don't have a place for it in my house.  Again, I hope it finds a nice home.

Here's what I brought home...two vintage suitcases, 

some unique wooden hangers,

vintage napkins,

a pair of ice skates, and a pair of wool socks.  

Truly, the most important thing about this charity garage sale is the proceeds will go to The Austin Settlement Home for Children whose "... mission is to care for and promote the healing of troubled children and their families." 

For more information about the 37th Settlement Home's Annual Charity Garage Sale and The Settlement Home for Children, please visit their website.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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