Sunday, November 11, 2012

American Tourister Obsession: Building a Collection

I recently purchased this fabulous American Tourister Tri-Taper toiletries case from ebay.  I won the auction with a fairly modest bid, but when adding the shipping cost ended up paying a bit more than I ever would for a "junk" find.  Why?

 Well first off, this case was in mint condition; I doubt it had ever been used. 

Secondly, it had all it's pieces - with the tag and key to boot!

Thirdly, it nearly completes this fabulous set!  

A long while back I found a mid-sized suitcase and matching train case at the digs.  I was drawn to their masculine look and knew they would look fabulous in my son's room.  I only paid a couple of dollars for each piece.  I fell in love with this luggage set and decided it was worth collecting.  

Slowly I found the pieces to build my collection.  

Down to the details!  Since a few of the cases were missing the official American Tourister tag, I purchased some through ebay.

When building a collection be patient, diligent, and pay attention to those details.  That time and hard work will pay off, and you'll end up with a stunning collection you'll really LOVE!

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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