Monday, October 8, 2012

Vintage Flatware Repurpose

My last post was all about using vintage, silver-plated spoons to create unique pendants.  Well, today's post provides a great idea for re-purposing the forks.  
Years ago while visiting my parents, my mother taught me how to turn vintage, silver-plated forks into unique place card holders.  With just a few bends of the tines you can create holders special enough for any occasion.  

This holder displays simple place cards created with shipping tags.

 I got such satisfaction from taking these old forks from dull and tarnished to unique, chic, and totally fabulous!  

Now, if you're lucky enough to find a complete set of matching flatware, I'd say snap it up!  But there's no need to hold out for that complete set.  The diversity in mismatched flatware patterns can add visual interest to your table settings.    

 I've even used inexpensive flatware when a large number of place holders was needed. I prefer to use silver-plated flatware.  I find it a bit easier to work with than the more modern stainless steel, and I like the vintage look and feel silver.  Often times the "good" pieces look really horrible with layers of tarnish.  However, some good silver cleaner and elbow grease can restore the luster in no time.

These card stands could be used to display the names of dishes at a dinner party buffet or labels for wine and cheese party samples.

Consider using one to display and hold business cards - so appropriate for a bakery or restaurant.

So if and when you spy vintage flatware during your next flea market visit, consider purchasing a few forks to create place card holders for your next family dinner.
No need to wait for a special occasion to get a little fancy!

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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