Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Vintage Thermos

Back in the summer of 2011, I was gifted four wonderful vintage thermoses.  They belonged to my co-worker's grandfather.  After he passed away, she stored them in her garage with a few of his other things. She didn't have a place for them in her home, but she simply could not abandon them.  When she discovered that I had a passion for antiques, she knew I would treasure and care for her grandfather's thermoses. And I have.  I have a great appreciation for these industrious beverage containers. 

These three are marked "Economy" Aladdin Industries, Inc., Vacuum Bottle, Nashville, Tenn.  I really have no idea how old they are, but guess they hail from the 1940s or 50s.


 Two of them have a large cork stopper and the third a rubber stopper.  I'm not sure which belongs in each thermos.  They may be original or replacements.  

The taller two matching bottles are pint-sized, and the smaller is half-pint.  Isn't it adorable!

This fourth in Stephany's grandfather's collection is marked Thermos, The American Thermos Bottle Co.Norwich, Conn.  It currently doesn't have a stopper, but I'm fairly certain the plastic cup atop the Thermos is the original.  These are the four bottles that started my obsession.


This lovely turquoise thermos I purchased at a local thrift store for just a few dollars.  I love the color, and because it accents my home's color scheme, I use it quite often as a vase for cut flowers.  This one is Aladdin's HY-LO thermos bottle. It has the older metal body with plastic cap.

This Thermos I picked up on one of my junking outings.  It was a bit more modern than the others in my collection, but the color and pattern I thought were retro mod!  It is marked Thermos Division, King-Seeley of Thermos Industries. 

When I was in North Dakota this summer I spied this classic red Thermos while shopping with my mother.  She thought I was nuts to buy this and have it take up valuable real estate in my carry-on luggage for my return trip home.  But, just look at it!  It's classic!  Nope, I don't have the cup that belongs on top.  I look at it as a challenge.  I'll find one someday.

This set of Aladdin Best Buy thermos bottles I actually bought on two separate occasions -one here in the Austin area and one up in North Dakota.  They are more modern than any of the others in my collection, but they looked really familiar to me. Also, I like the color and plaid design.  

This is my most recent addition.  I found it last weekend at the Austin City-wide Garage Sale.  It was in one of the last rows.  I passed it up on my first look because the inner glass bottle, though still intact, was detached from the outer metal cylinder.  (How appropriate considering its Mercury space mission subject matter!)  As my friends and I were getting ready to leave, I rushed back to the vendor booth and rescued it, digging down to my last nickel. 

Anyone appraising my thermos bottle collection would likely not value it much.  Caps and stoppers are missing, paint is chipped, and one of them is actually broken.  I don't care.  I don't buy antiques and vintage items for profit or because they're worth a lot.  
I buy them because I think they're cool.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. this is very good and informative blog.

  2. "I buy them because I think they're cool."

    Exactly. Always buy what you love! I love your thermoses, too; thanks for sharing them!

  3. I have 13 vintage thermoses three the same as yours I like them but I never use them so they are just good decor I guess all of mine in excellent cond. My favorite is holiday by thermos

  4. I have an Aladdin Economy Vacuum Bottle that I'm trying to get info on/ Sell if anybody is interested


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