Saturday, October 20, 2012

Austin Citywide Garage Sale

This morning a couple of my girlfriends and I headed to downtown Austin for the Citywide Garage Sale held at the Palmer Events Center.  
First off, let's be honest here.  This was no garage sale.  Nothing was a quarter and none of the items was a random, family cast-off.  This was all good stuff!  

The Austin Citywide Garage Sale is essentially a pavilion full of antiques and collectibles sold by knowledgeable and professional vendors. Simply put, they know what their stuff is worth.  
However, that doesn't mean you won't find a bargain here.  You've just got to know what you want and know what you're willing to pay for it.


Upon entering there were several tables piled with  hankies, hats, quilts, table cloths, napkins, furs, crochet doilies, assorted linens, and a giant tub of vintage buttons.  I could have spent hours just sorting and sifting through these collections, but our time was limited, and I wanted to get a chance to see all of the vendor booths.  My friends, Anne and Susie, ventured forward to some nearby booths, as I limited my search to the tablecloths.  


I dug through the pile hoping to find something suitable for the "Aprons & Pearls Tea Party" we're planning for the women at our family reunion next summer.  I ended up selecting two floral print cloths I think will be perfect for the summer garden decorating theme.  The first one is round with great fringe all around the bottom.  The second is a large rectangular cloth perfect for the typical picnic table we're likely to have at the lake resort venue.


I met up with my friends near the end of the first aisle.  They'd found their own objects of interest.  As we continued through the pavilion, the pieces that kept grabbing my attention were those of the mechanical nature.  I just can't seem to resist  buttons, knobs, levers, and moving parts.  The deep red color on this old manual typewriter was really gorgeous.  I would have loved to add it to my collection, but the price was a little too steep for my pocketbook.   


There were some really beautiful furniture pieces.  Though I usually prefer pieces that have their original wood finish, I did like the turquoise distressed finish on this chest of drawers.


In one booth, I had my eye on a pair of small Westclox Baby Bens while Anne spied a tiny school chair.  The three of us ended up purchasing both clocks and three of the chairs.  

What would you expect from three school librarians?

As we came upon the Texana Lane booth, there was an audible, collective gasp and squeal of delight.  We were mesmerized by the vintage trailer. The owner of this shop graciously invited us to explore her "shop on wheels." She even allowed me to set my school chair down while I looked around inside.  See it there on the table just under her shop sign?

You must know.  This is pretty close to what my dream looks like.  I would love nothing more than to have a vintage travel trailer to take on the open road.  I have visions of decorating it with all my vintage finds and then visiting all the Texas State Parks.
Heck, I'd even be happy just to park it in my back yard; big girls like playhouses too. 

And speaking of girls and playthings, what girl wouldn't love this darling pink tricycle!  I mean really, could you find anything cuter than this?
Vroom, vroom!

As we were finishing up our adventure and heading up the last row of vendors, I spied this fabulous Mercury Space Mission rocket thermos!  From the time he was a young boy, my husband has been fascinated with the Apollo moon landing.  So I dug down to my last nickel to get it for him.  The colors on the thermos are still nice and vivid and the illustration is so iconic of the 1960s.  I think we'll display it with the vintage globe I picked up a couple of days ago.

With our treasures in hand, we headed to the parking garage.  We loaded our finds and headed out to the Trailer Eateries on South 1st.  
Sometimes the best days are those spent with good friends - just hanging out, sharing an interest and a meal, and having a good old fashioned chat.

Surround yourself with good friends.
Take time, 
to spend time, 

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez with the exception of the three of us with our tiny chairs.  That one was taken by a nice, young man and his girlfriend who kindly lent a hand.


  1. It was the perfect way to spend a fall day in Texas!

    1. I so agree! I can't wait to do it again!


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