Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mirrored Vanity Trays

Every now and then when on a junking excursion I'll stumble upon a great vintage vanity tray, or mirrored jewelry tray.  I imagine all our mothers and grandmothers once had one sitting upon their bathroom vanities or dressers decades ago.  I've only actually purchased a round and oval pair that I found at a nearby Goodwill store, and sadly regret not snapping up the countless others I've foolishly passed up.


The adorable little round one I hung above the commode in our master bathroom's water closet.  It hangs just above a vintage train case that contains some of my sister's handmade soaps and bath teas.  It fills a small, odd space between the commode tank and a cabinet above.  It reflects what little sunlight we get in this tiny room in a space that would otherwise be quite dark.

The larger oval tray sits atop my vanity in the master bathroom.  It holds my perfumes and collects my jewelry at the end of the day.  What first appealed to me about these trays was their utility, but I've grown to appreciate their...well... girlyness.  There just aren't many things quite as feminine as a great little perfume mirror vanity tray with a collection of perfumes, makeup, and jewelry.

This unique pair of mirrors once likely sat atop a dresser.  I found them at the Goodwill up the street and only paid $4.99 for the pair.  Though I would have preferred to have scored the antique dresser they once were attached to as well, I'm still quite happy about this find.  The mirrors are of that great old quality you can just feel in its heft - beveled glass, solid wood back, and brass mirror clamps.  I did not remove the hinges that once connected the mirrors to it's dresser.  I just couldn't bear to strip these great mirrors of any more of their original state.  
I did, however, add a sawtooth picture hook to the back of each and hung them on the wall of the master bathroom's water closet.  Again, they beautifully reflect what little natural sunlight this tiny room gets.

I wish I had purchased a few of the others I've come across but for one reason or another decided to leave behind. They're just so versatile.
I continue to keep my eyes peeled for vintage mirrored vanity and perfume trays.  Their feminine feel and versatility make them a true treasure for any junker. 

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.


  1. Love that you hung the vanity mirror on the wall! Super cute. And you have more finds at thrift stores than any shopper I know! Those beveled mirrors are great.

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