Saturday, August 11, 2012

Playtime with Textiles

During the summer holiday season my home gets decked out in all things Americana. From the Americana quilts in the entry way to the arrangement atop the dining room table, Old Glory and all things red, white, and blue are on display.


But with so much of the celebration taking place on the table top; the dining room chairs felt a little naked and neglected.   

In an attempt to dress my chairs for a reasonable cost I turned to the men's clothing department in the local Goodwill store.  I picked up 4 large men's dress shirts in a red, white, and blue color palette but with varying designs.  At first I simply slipped the shirts over my dining room chair backs, buttoned them up, and pulled the sleeves around the back, tying them in a simple knot.  I slipped a small flag in the knot for an added flourish

After a few days, however, I looked at the bulky knot of sleeves, and realized there was great potential being lost.  I had seen some great decorating designs using men's shirts in the Summer 2011 issue of Flea Market Style magazine.  So, I cut the sleeves and collars off to use in another project.  I sewed up the top, sides and front placket of each shirt.  They ended up looking like a large pillow cases, but when slipped over the backs of my dining room chairs I was thrilled with the overall look.  Now the dining table and chairs looks properly dressed for summer holiday dinners.

I took the sleeves, trimmed the width down a bit, sewed the bottoms closed, tucked the corners in and tacked them in place, and voila...a whimsical wine sleeve.  
It makes even cheap wine extra special!   

Directions for the wine sleeve can be found on page 135 in the Summer 2011 issue of Flea Market Style magazine.

If you're not into making your own wine sleeves, consider purchasing one at

So the last time I went to Wimberley Market Days in Wimberley, Texas I picked up a great little flea market cart.  It didn't come with a liner, so I decided to make one.  I purchased some simple utility fabric at the fabric store, and just as I was ready to check out I spied these great alphabet stamps

They were only a dollar, so I impulsively added them to my purchase.  I took the fabric home and sewed up a quick liner for the cart. 

 I decided to try out my new stamps, so I stamped out my name, the URL for my blog, and a fish!  I put grommets along the top of the bag and used cheap shower curtain hooks to attach it to my cart.  I love it!  I can't wait to return to Wimberley Market Days to fill it up with some more great finds!

During my summer trip to North Dakota I found a vintage apron with a wonderful, vibrant, vintage print.  I couldn't bear to put it in a closet or drawer, so I hung it with a display in the dining room using one of the wooden pants hangers I found back in March at a local charity thrift store. 

 I think it looks great in this display that fills up an awkward space in the dining room.  The fabric softens the otherwise hard lines dominating the display.

When faced with the challenge of adding some decorative fun to the laundry room, I turned to a great print fabric window treatment.  This striped print is a perfect blend of fun and utility. I hung this simple panel from 3 wooden pants hangers. Very appropriate for a laundry room. 

I have a deep appreciation for fabric.  Whether vintage linens, thrift store cast-offs, or quilting quality, fabric is the first thing I look to when faced with any kind of decorating challenge.  The wide range of colors, prints, textures, and styles often inspire a great solution.

All photographs taken by Paulette Rodriguez.

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