Monday, May 21, 2012

The Softer Side of Junking

My junk obsession has begun to influence my clothing selections and personal style.

I noticed the other day when I spied my reflection as I left for work.  I'd selected a fitted gray coat dress paired with a short-sleeve cardigan with pearl buttons, sling-back kitten heels, and my patent leather red handbag. My hair was pulled up and clamped with a hair clip, as per usual.  And yes, I had a pencil stuck in my bun - the quintessential librarian... of the 1950s!

 I know a few women who find and wear vintage clothing.  I wish I were one of them.  Unfortunately I have to settle for the retro-look and not the real thing, as my body is of the 21st century and not the tiny-wasted figure of the past's mid-century.  Purses and accessories are truly one-size-fits-all, and that's why I've begun to snatch up vintage accessories whenever I find them.  A great vintage handbag, scarf, broach, or necklace can give current classic clothing that authentic vintage look.

A few weeks ago I found this brown handbag.  It's in great shape and its simple, elegant styling make it very versatile.  I paired this one up with a pair of  beige and brown sling-back spectator pumps and ankle-length fitted khaki pants. Topped off with my giant pearl bobble necklace and bobs (earrings) and the look was complete.

During this weekend's junking rounds I searched each and every store's racks for vintage purses.  I was rewarded with this navy blue tweed handbag.  I haven't built an ensemble around it...yet, but I'm thinking it would look smashing with a white and tan pinstriped blazer (another thrift-store find) I have hanging in my closet.

So the next time you're out-and-about on a thrifting adventure allow your love of vintage to migrate into your wardrobe and discover classic beauty and style through the softer side of junking.

All photos taken by Paulette Rodriguez

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