Monday, May 28, 2012

I Can Do Something with That

So this weekend I decided I needed to apply some self-discipline.  No junking until I do something with the pieces I already have. I call these my "I Can Do Something with That" pieces.  These are the things I buy, or that are leftover from another project, that I don't really know what I'm going to with...yet.  But they have potential.  A single roller skate, glass canning jars, old keys with no locks, old locks with no keys.  Odds and ends, bits and bobs, miscellaneous assorted junk.  

One of my "ICDSwT" pieces was a single panel from a tri-fold, shabby chic, wood screen.  I made a headboard out of two of the panels, so I had this third one left over.  It's been standing in the guest room closet. It's been there for about 6 months.  Just the other day, while looking at Pinterest inspiration finally came.  Someone pinned an idea for a family photo display using an old shutter.  

I didn't dive right into the project like I typically do.  For some reason I was dragging my feet on getting started on the project; I just wasn't fired up about it until...I found these awesome metal pieces on clearance at the local craft/home decor store.  They were 60% off, so I paid less than $8  for both.  These two pieces became my muse.  Immediately I could see exactly how I would incorporate them into my own version of the shutter/family photo idea.  I finished my shopping and returned home.  I gathered my panel, the metal pieces, some hardware, a hammer, and a screwdriver.  I attached the compass rose on the bottom, the antiques sign at the top and left room for photos of my two boys. It was all coming together the way I'd planned. I was working on the project I had the panel leaning up against my "Buckskin Beige" walls and I just wasn't quite happy with it.  It was too plain - too muted.  It needed something... 

Color!  I stepped back and looked at it, and in my mind's eye I saw turquoise.   My vision was probably influenced heavily by the beautiful weathered  shutters I'd seen during our trip to Fredricksburg.  I loved the look of the weathered shutters against the creamy white stone walls of this old building.  I'd painted our bedroom turquoise a few years ago and knew there was some leftover paint in the garage.  So I disassembled everything and painted the panel with a dry brush to give it that weathered look.  Much better.  I reattached the metal pieces, added pictures of my boys that just happened to be in a brownish rust colored frames, and voila...

Now when I look at this panel I'm almost happy with it.  Almost.  I think it needs orange.  Just a touch of some dried bittersweet or a small posy of orange flowers to put near it.  Hmmmmm...
Sometimes inspiration for how to use a junk find will come immediately; at other times it's delayed.  But it will come. And when it does follow your instincts, listen to your inner voice, trust your design sense, and dare to be bold.  You're going to create something fabulous!

All photos taken by Paulette Rodriguez


  1. Hi Paulette, just discovered your blog and I love it! Just an idea, a friend of mine also has a single pane like yours and she placed it in a corner of her patio with Christmas lights peeking through from behind and at night it looks gorgeous! This is Esther

  2. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing, Esther.


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