Sunday, April 22, 2012

Junk Transformation and Repurpose

Many of the items I find during my junk store outings end up being displayed either in my home or at work.  Because I'm a crafter, I often just can't leave well enough alone, and my junk finds find themselves being painted, embellished, or transformed.

 This suitcase didn't quite fit the decor in my home, but I knew I could put it to good use elsewhere.  Often times we have baby or wedding showers at work, and the guest of honor inevitably receives cards and perhaps some smaller gift items.  The "Notes" banner strung across the suitcase back lets party guests know to deposit cards and greetings in this handy and colorful catch all.  When the cards have all been opened, and the party's over, reusable decorations can be tucked away inside the case and stored neatly until needed.

This small gray-blue suitcase was purchased at a local store for only $2.99.  I simply couldn't pass it up.  I decided to give it a shabby-chic makeover.  I wrapped it with a strip of burlap and added an additional band of a printed fabric on top.  I had some travel theme stickers left over from another project, so I added them to the case.  I finished it off with a raffia and jute bow and a shipping tag adorned with my grandmother's vintage buttons.

Both the color and pattern of this vintage thermos caught my eye, and for $3.99 it was a real bargain.  I have several others that are displayed in my kitchen and knew this one would be a great addition to the collection.  It's currently being used as a vase on the dining table.  I simply added a burlap band and a metal monogram to add texture and visual interest. 

None of the transformations is permanent.   So when I tire of these particular displays, I'll simply remove the adornments, return the objects to their original splendor, or follow my fancy and transform them yet again.

All photos by Paulette Rodriguez


  1. Hi Paulette! I just had a chance to veiw your blog and have to say how wonderful everything looks. I remember how crafty you have always been and I'm so happy you have a place to share all your ideas with everyone. I especially love all your ideas for organizing (hiding) stuff around the house. I know we are blessed to have some of your crafts in our home.
    We look forward to the day when we can come visit and sit and just catch up an admire all of your crafts first hand!
    love you guys,

    1. So glad you enjoyed your visit. I, too, look forward to a visit. Jose and I think of you guys all the time and keep thinking about taking a visit out your way. Perhaps someday soon.
      Love to all,

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