Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vintage Wooden Hangers

Vintage Wooden Pants Hangers
My latest find came from a small non-profit store in Georgetown, Texas. I'd scanned the entire store and saw quite a few antiques but nothing that really "spoke to me." Not wanting to spend much; and really looking for nothing specific I finally spotted these vintage hinged, wooden, pants hangers! I bought the set of 12 for just $3.00.

Repurpose Vintage Wooden Hangers
Not having a real need for pants hangers, I began to imagine all the unique ways in which these could be used. Immediately I thought of using them to hang or  display quilts, dish towels, vintage linens, or even a collection of related art prints or photos.  Here I've hung a quilt made by my mother by using 2 hangers. 

Repurposed Vintage Wooden Hangers
I hung this simple valance in my laundry room using 3 hangers - perfectly appropriate.

Repurposed Vintage Pants Hanger
Hang a notepad in the kitchen for grocery lists, or in the home office. Though my own children are grown, some day I hope to have grandchildren, so I think I'll save a few of these handy hangers. I plan to paint the wooden part with chalkboard paint (on which I will write the children's names) and display their artwork.

Vintage Wooden Hanger and Linen
Pink Tutu Display

I recently hung one near the sink at school to hold a dishtowel.  Another I used to hang and display a tutu - so cute!

I've found so many fabulous ways to use these handy hangers, I best be on the lookout for a few more!

All photos by Paulette Rodriguez


  1. I love your blog and your creative ideas!

  2. I am satisfied with these suit hangers from Bizarkdeal, exactly what I want. They look wonderful, very nice finish. And they are perfect for hanging my overcoat without any crease on the shoulders, very sturdy. I will buy another set.


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