Monday, March 12, 2012

Painted Suitcases

Why would anyone paint a suitcase? I'd actually never thought of it myself until I saw an etsy posting of little red case painted with a Christmas quote that I thought was a great decorating idea for the holidays. I thought I'd try it for myself on an American Tourister briefcase I'd rescued that wasn't in the best shape. If I ruined it, I could live with it. I chose to simply write the definition of one of my favorite words. The case now sits atop a book shelf in my school library where it is at home among the various junk rescues that whimsically adorn the walls.

 The "musings" case I made for my friend Susie, a fellow librarian and author. Susie is a great inspiration to me and a wonderful encourager. So when I bought this second American Tourister briefcase, I knew I'd decorate it for her. This case was in excellent, usable condition. The vision was for her to use the case to collect and store story ideas and musings. I had so much fun adding all the clips, pencils, story starters, and assorted "writer" stuff.    

I enjoy traveling and taking back-road adventures, so I was inspired to paint one of my favorite quotes by French writer Francois Rabelais, "I go to seek a great perhaps." This quote appears in contemporary author John Green's book Looking for Alaska. I particularly like this picture of the case hanging below these old license plates.

A friend asked to borrow a suitcase from my collection to collect cards for a wedding shower she is hosting. When she told me her theme was "I do," I immediately pictured those words on my 1950s American Tourister Tri-Taper round case. It's one of my collection favorites, so not wanting to paint this beautiful case permanently, I opted to use black adhesive instead. The matching rectangular piece will collect the cards.

So, paint a suitcase? Well if you see it as a blank canvas, a medium for self-expression, or just find the idea whimsical, then the answer is, "Sure, why not."

All photos by Paulette Rodriguez


  1. I LOVE my musings case!!! Thanks Paulette!

  2. Wow! You started a blog! I am so excited. Your creativity shines through in everything you do, huh? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Susie, so glad you love your case. Keep on writing!


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