Saturday, March 3, 2012

Antique Cheney Victrola

Vintage Cheney Victrola
This Cheney victrola didn't sell in a friend's neighborhood garage sale. Thankfully she called and offered it to me before it got sent off with all the other assorted items that didn't sell. It has a few nicks, scratches, and a stain on the top. It doesn't work, and I can't afford to have it evaluated and repaired just yet, but it's certainly usable. A good dusting, some minor touch-ups, and good rub down with furniture oil was all that was required to bring back some of its original splendor.

Antique Cheney Victrola
I have an odd-sized niche in my living room next to the fireplace where the victrola fits beautifully and serves as the perfect base-piece for this vignette. The lower cabinets house old vinyl records and our iPod speaker system; the top displays family photos. I can't imagine a more perfect furniture piece to fit our home's decor.

Someday I hope to give this piece the care it deserves. Until then, it will grace our quiet room with its warmth, charm, and musical history.

All photos by Paulette Rodriguez

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