Sunday, February 26, 2012

What to buy?

Vintage Suitcase Stack
I say buy what you like.  
If you see a piece and it makes your heart smile and tickles your fancy, (and you can afford it) then buy it.  Understand that I'm not in the antiques business. I'm not concerned with making a profit, and  I don't pay antique store prices.  I buy cool stuff at junk prices.  I junk for the thrill of the find and to capture a piece of the past that I think is worth saving.
Vintage Purse
It seems to me that many junkers have a passion for a certain type of junk.  For my sister, Nadine, its textiles, purses, jewelry, and glassware.  For my friend, Robin -  farmhouse items.  And for me it's all about things with moving parts - knobs, buttons, dials, and gears.  Our response to anyone asking, "what do you want that for?" is simply, 
"I don't know; it just speaks to me."  
No rhyme nor reason necessary.

Vintage Maytag Washing Machine
Here's a perfect example.  Pictured is Maybelline, an old electric Maytag washing machine a friend GAVE me!  Yes, she gave it to me.  She just wanted it to go to a good home.  No, I don't know what I'm going to do with it.  
Do I have to actually DO something with it?  
For right now, can't she just sit on my back porch?  I say, "Why Yes... yes she can!" and so she does.

All photos by Paulette Rodriguez


  1. "I don't know; it just speaks to me." Ain't that the truth!!!!

  2. I say fill it with ice and keep the refreshments coming! Who needs a cooler when you can use maybelline!

  3. Wow. I love the cooler suggestion - what a great idea!


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